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Kasper Rasmussen
Director, Communications
T: +45 8743 6091
E: kar@terma.com


Nils Greir
Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Communications
T: +1 (703) 412-9410
E: nils.greir@termana.com



Partnering Agreement with Logistic Centre Woensdrecht

Terma and Logistic Centre Woensdrecht sign Partnering Agreement at the NIDV Exhibition.

2014-11-19 Read the full story
Danish Frigate Visiting the U.S.

During its visit in Baltimore, MD, HDMS NIELS JUEL will host industry events, and Terma solutions will be displayed at an official reception.

2014-11-11 Read the full story
Ready for touchdown on comet 67P

In line with space enthusiasts and the international space society, Terma is highly excited with this week’s comet landing event.

2014-11-11 Read the full story
Asian Customer Orders SCANTER 2202 and 2001 Radars for Coastal Surveillance

Terma has been contracted to deliver 114 radar systems including antennas for coastal surveillance purpose.

2014-11-06 Read the full story
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