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Terma’s Universal DIRCM Pod Gains Interest Around the World

At the 2016 AAAA Summit, Terma displays its light-weight, cost-efficient, and aircraft transferable solution.

2016-04-28 Read the full story
Terma at the AAAA Summit 2016

On 28-30 April 2016, Terma will showcase combat proven Aircraft Survivability Equipment at the AAAA Summit.

2016-04-25 Read the full story
Terma provides ground surveillance radar for security at Port Canaveral, Florida

The system is also capable of detecting targets on the water surface, making it ideal for detecting water borne threats transitioning to land.

2016-04-14 Read the full story
Terma and DALO enter agreement on Integrated Air and Missile Defense

The aim is to provide support within the BMD and IAMD domains related to the upgrade at least one of the IVER HUITFELDT class frigates.

2016-04-12 Read the full story
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