Business in the U.S.

Operating in the aerospace, defense, and security sector, Terma North America supports customers and partners locally and all over the world.


Multiple international customers are acquiring Terma capabilities through U.S. system and platform integrators using Terma as a partner in direct commercial sales or via U.S. government Foreign Military Sales programs. Through Terma's U.S. presence international clients are getting increased access to our mission critical technology.

With a strong customer base for advanced platforms and systems, Terma is in a position to further develop high-value related services, which are immediately available to our customers. Our commitment is to raise the services' share of our business.

For the production of its electronics solutions and aerostructures, Terma buys parts, components, tooling, and other material from the United States, thereby supporting high quality manufacturing jobs across the U.S.


Aircraft Survivability Equipment
Protection of aircraft against missile threats is part of our core business in the U.S. The Terma Electronic Warfare Management System, EWMS, AN/ALQ-213(V) is fielded on more than 1,000 U.S. fighter aircraft today. Deployed self-protection suites on operational aircraft in current missions extend operational capability and bring pilots home safely every day. Through an operations facility in Warner Robins, Georgia, the company conducts business development, service, and support to the U.S. Air Force and business partners by providing the electronic warfare systems, maintenance, and procurement. The cooperation was launched through a Public Private Partnership program. The Terma self-protection system is selected for the P-8A, the U.S. Navy's newest maritime patrol aircraft, and CH-47F Chinook helicopters. 

Complex and Critical Aerostructures for Commercial and Military Aircraft
In Aerostructures, we are competitively postured for defense work both in Alternate Mission Equipment, pods & pylons, in advanced composite aerostructures and respond to the commercial market, where the OEMs are looking for more vendor choices. The F-16 fighter aircraft is built with Terma aerostructures and electronic warfare systems and some of the most prestigious business jets in the world are designed with Terma winglets. Terma has provided missile components in NATO's largest and most successful weapons project, the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles (ESSM) program since 1979.

F-35 Lightning II Fighter Aircraft Program
Terma is a leading supplier for the F-35 fighter aircraft and has been awarded major contracts for the design, manufacture, and delivery of various aerostructures and components. Examples of F-35 contracts are the Gun Pod, Air-to-Ground Pylons and the Data Acquisition, Recording, Telemetry (DART) Pod built in Texas. Another important program is the supply of radar system electronics for use in the radar for F-35. The facility in Fort Worth provides direct interface with related business leaders in support of the F-35 programs.

Surveillance & Mission Systems

Radar Systems - Critical Infrastructure Protection for Homeland Security
Terma's presence in the U.S. homeland security sector is growing as well. Specializing in non-cooperative small target detection in extreme weather conditions Terma is helping to meet the emerging asymmetric threats. Our radars are supporting coastal surveillance, naval surveillance, vessel traffic surveillance, perimeter surveillance, and surface movement surveillance at airports in the U.S. and Canada. Terma has supplied more than 30 coastal surveillance radars to the Coast Guard for its vital homeland security missions. An office in Portsmouth, Virginia, focuses on radar systems and services for U.S.-based customers, including U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, the Federal Aviation Administration, and Department of Homeland Security.

Joint & Land Systems
A business unit in Huntsville, AL, represents the subject matter expertise within Command, Control, Computers, Communication, Intelligence, and Surveillance systems (C4IS) for advanced ground-based defense applications. Terma offers a modern Integrated Air & Missile Defense (IAMD) capability which was operated by the U.S. government in the Coalition Warfare Interoperability Demonstration program and tested by Missile Defense Agency in missile flight tests. In force protection, Camp-Flex is a reliable security system able to perform in hostile environments meeting the increasing demand for 24/7 protection of deployed people and assets by providing real-time surveillance and protection of identified area of responsibility.


Terma is a trusted partner in mission-critical products, software, and services for space applications. Among the U.S. programs adopting the Terma Star Tracker for precise control of satellites is TacSat-2, which is an experimental satellite, built by The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, enabling battlefield commanders to request and obtain imagery. The Star Tracker is also in orbit on the experimental DARPA, Air Force and Naval Research Laboratory MiTEx program testing technologies for future military warfare. The Star Tracker was qualified through the Department of Defense Foreign Comparative Testing program.


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