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In Terma, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. Based on our values of working with integrity, showing passion and working globally, we wish to impact our industry and society in a positive way.

In our view, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should be an integrated part of the way we do business. Thus, our CSR activities take place in close interaction with our customers, employees, collaboration partners, the local community, and the world around us.


In Europe, Terma is a member of a committee on business ethics within the AeroSpace & Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD). Our participation focuses on increasing the industry’s objective of countering corruption via joint European harmonization and simplification of ethical guidelines, standards, and principles.

In Terma, we’ve selected five CSR focus areas, which we see as essential in securing socially responsible behavior. For each of the five CSR focus areas we have formulated long-term aspirational goals which act as our guiding star and point of reference ensuring that the Group's business activities comply with or strive to comply with good corporate social responsibility:

CSR-model _464

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Morten Halskov
Senior Vice President, General Counsel
T: +45 8743 6000
E: mh@terma.com