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Corporate community involvement helps strengthen civil society and reinforce democratic and civic values. It is therefore a priority to Terma to engage in the local communities.

Aspirational goal

In Terma, we wish to support educational programs in local communities within Terma’s business areas in order to ensure a recruitment of qualified employees while supporting the local economy and employment market. In addition, we work to ensure the successful integration of foreign Terma employees and their families when moving to a new country.

We take pride in taking part in the local community.

Implemented activities

To be an integrated part of our community, and to maintain close ties to relevant educational institutions.

Terma has an obligation to educate young people from our surrounding communities. Furthermore, it is important to us to invest in the educational institutions, from which we recruit our future employees.

Today, Terma has apprentices, primarily in our production and our administrative areas, and we have student interns in all areas of our Danish company. In addition, we support relevant educational institutions by supplying trainers or counselors to specific programs, and by participation in advisory boards in connection with the schools.

We will continue to employ apprentices and interns in all our Danish locations.

Way ahead 2015-17

To have more different types of apprentices and interns in our Danish locations, and to expand the model to include more of our international locations as well.

Terma is a global company, which is why we wish to increase our corporate community involvement to include more of our business regions.

To establish cooperation with other national educational facilities regarding interns in the regions where we have locations.

We will evaluate the use of interns and the international collaborations with educational facilities annually. By 2015, several new collaborations will have been established.

  • Internship programs with Lockheed Martin in U.S.: Terma has established an internship program together with one of the leading US companies in the aerospace and other advanced technology, Lockheed Martin, and Aarhus University, Denmark. Engineering students from Aarhus University, Denmark, will be working out of the Lockheed Martin facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, for a selected time period and will get first class experience from one of the leading manufacturer of advanced technology in the world.

Morten Halskov
Senior Vice President, General Counsel
T: +45 8743 6000
E: mh@terma.com