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Our employees are the building blocks of our organization, and it is important to us to build and maintain passionate and fulfilled employees.

Aspirational goal

We aspire to be recognized as a company with a second to none professional working environment. In addition, we wish to provide our employees with challenges that make them “Best in class”, and to develop talents that are in high demand in our fields of expertise.

We take pride in our employees and their passion.

Implemented activities

We wish to ensure that our employees are thriving and professionally satisfied in a pleasant work environment.

The ratio of absence due to sickness is a good indicator of a company’s working environment and the employees’ job satisfaction. Higher ratio of absence due to sickness could indicate that the employees do not feel comfortable and recognized by their immediate manager. In Terma, we pay attention to our employees’ health, and we wish to ensure that they are thriving.

In order to focus on the ratio of absence due to sickness, we are training our managers in preventive communication. It is important to us that our managers capture early warning signals and conduct interviews about health and well-being with the employees to ensure that potential complications are identified and resolved before they evolve.

  • Apprentice programs: In Denmark, we continuously have about 15 apprentices in training within the areas of electronics, IT, catering and production. Apprentices are our guarantee to secure highly competent and skilled resources for the future. Our effort to create a good learning environment for all our apprentices has resulted in several official recognitions such as receiving honor acknowledgement from the Danish Industry and Handicrafts Medal.
  • Flexible jobs: At Terma there is room for people hired on flexible jobs agreements which in some cases can be a tremendous help in slowly moving into a full time job again.
  • Senior Policy: Terma has an active senior policy which entails a structured plan concerning phrasing out the operating tasks in a professional manner. The policy is updated according to current Government regulation.
  • Accidents 2014: Registered accidents per one million working hours were 7.5 in Grenaa, Denmark and 1.0 in the company in Germany (last 12 months accumulated accidents which resulted in at least one day of absence).

The ratio of absence due to sickness is evaluated on a continuous basis in all departments supported by the HR function. We also measure registered accidents, gender division at manager level as well as development in flexible jobs and apprentices. Actions will be taken accordingly.

Way Ahead 2015-17

We wish to ensure that our work force reflects the society as a whole, and that we have a high degree of employee satisfaction.

Terma assumes a social responsibility towards our employees, who represent all groups of society. Among other activities, we do that by creating job opportunities for people who are not able to take on regular employment conditions. In addition, it is important for us to retain our highly skilled employees. Therefore, we depend on employee satisfaction, which we work hard to attain.

We make an active effort to hire candidates from all groups in society. Specifically, we have set goals for the amount of people hired under extraordinary conditions such as subsidized employment to compensate for chronic illness, reduced working hours, or reduced workload.

To have Best-in-Class employees, we need to be a Best-in-Class workplace. To this end, Terma conducts biannual employee satisfaction surveys in order to be able to improve our performance in the areas where our employees are least content.

  • Strategic partnerships with educational institutions: Terma is constantly working on creating a strong partnership with Universal institutions both located in Denmark and abroad. A solid connection to universities is key when it comes to contributing to the academic research and well as participating in education more highly skilled students. 
  • Strategic cooperation with college students: Going forward we will be working more strategically with University students from different academic fields. We are going to launch a structured way to handle internships and project enquiries and make the necessary adjustments in order to manage the process.
  • Job opportunities for veterans and relatives: Terma consider diversity and variety in employees' personal and professional skills as a clear strength for the company and in this context we wish to focus on working with diversity among our employees in Terma.
    One area of focus in this context is that we will have a close cooperation with InterForce in Denmark, a.o. designed to accommodate both physical and mental wounded veterans of the Danish Armed Forces, in relation to future job opportunities in the Terma. The cooperation is also intended to accommodate close family members killed or wounded veterans. This will impact in a recruitment situation where the veteran or his/hers dependents will be accommodated if they are considered equally suitable as other candidates for the same position.
  • Distance Leadership/Working abroad: As a global company, we are obligated to focus on expanding our business structure across borders. This entails an increased attention to distance leadership with employees working together from different Terma locations across the globe. We acknowledge the value of relocating key employees to other Terma locations in order to meet business needs which is part of individual development plans. 

The goals set for employment of before mentioned candidates are part of our Human Resources Performance Indicators, which are measured and evaluated annually. The results of the employee satisfaction surveys are evaluated instantly and improved within the next 24 months.


Morten Halskov
Senior Vice President, General Counsel
T: +45 8743 6000
E: mh@terma.com