Surface Movement Radars for European airports

Terma has been contracted to supply its SCANTER 2001i Surface Movement Radar (SMR) to a number of major European Air Navigation Service Providers.

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Germany
The SCANTER radar will form part of AviBit´s Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) ACEMAX® for the new international airport in Berlin, which is scheduled to be operational in 2012. This SMR installation will be the 11th Terma SMR operational in Germany.

Airport Ground Surveillance

Frankfurt Airport, Germany
The existing two Terma SMRs at Frankfurt Airport have been accompanied by an additional Terma SMR; SCANTER 2001i Dual Frequency Diversity. All 3 radars are integrated by HITT into HITT’s A3000 A-SMGCS. Both Frankfurt Airport and Berlin Brandenburg International Airport are controlled by DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung.

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, Sweden
LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden has replaced the existing Terma SMR with the SCANTER 2001i Dual Redundant radar system. This SMR is integrated by HITT into an existing SMR processing and display system

London Stansted Airport, U.K.
NATS Services has chosen the Terma SCANTER 2001i Dual Frequency Diversity to replace the existing SMR at London Stansted Airport. This is the 8th Terma SMR installation in the U.K.

At present Terma has more than 70 of it’s renowned SCANTER radar systems operational in European airports. World wide more than 120 SCANTER Radars are operational, thereby proving its status as the most preferred Surface Movement Radar for A-SMGCS.

SMR systems are used by air traffic controllers to detect and guide aircraft and vehicles (i.e. baggage carriers, buses, supply trucks, staff cars, etc.) on the ground surface of the airport and thus secure safety. It is the most widely used surveillance system for airport surveillance at present.

Terma has accumulated 60 Years of Radar Experience of deep and thorough know-how on radar technology and ranges among the leading radar suppliers worldwide. More than 1500 SCANTER radar systems are operational all over the world.