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At Terma, we know that close, long-term strategic partnerships with our key customers and partners are a precondition for growth and for remaining at the technological edge.

Terma is well positioned as a global player with an expanding international presence. Headquartered in Denmark, Terma is supplemented by subsidiaries and facilities in the U.S., Singapore, The Netherlands, and Germany, and has a growing list of partnerships in strategic markets.  

BEL and Terma strategic partnership signing, December 2010.

We support our customers all over the world while making sure to adhere to local requirements and engaging local industrial partners in the process. To us, each partnership is unique and crafted on the specific requirements and strategic needs of the partner. To support Terma's growth strategy, teaming with customers and partners will become even more important in the coming years.  

As a partner, Terma offers: 

A Trusted Partner to Governments


... contributes to the end users' safety and security

... is a trusted partner to governments and leading defense forces

... products are proven in operation or combat

... provides full support to products during the lifecycle

... is committed to affordability

…is responsive to individual requirements


Industrial Cooperation & Transfer-of-Technology


... works with local industry and research institutions

... always performs on offset obligations

... is experienced in Transfer of Technology


A Niche Player in Mission-Critical Products


... supplies mission-critical products

... is responsive and flexible

... is "best in class" in niche areas


Nils Greir
Vice President, Business Development
T: +1 (703) 412-9412
E: nils.greir@termana.com