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Terma at Euronaval


20-23 October 2020. Meet Terma at Euronaval in Le Bourget, Paris, France.

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At Euronaval 2020 Terma will display:

C-Flex, Securing the Maritime Domain
With more than 25 years of C2 experience, Terma provides the mission proven C-Flex Command & Control system to Navies and Coast Guards around the world for unparalleled operational capabilities and situational awareness.

The C-Flex Command & Control system provides Patrol and Amphibious Vessels with surveillance, communication, and enforcement capabilities – supporting tasks such as law enforcement, interception, anti-piracy, and search-and-rescue as well as supporting naval operations including Anti-Air Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, and Anti-Subsurface Warfare.

SCANTER Naval Air & Surface Surveillance Radars
Terma SCANTER radars offer superior 2D naval surveillance for simultaneous detection and tracking of small air and surface target from the radar horizon to the vessel’s side. SCANTER radars are a major contributor to the Situational Awareness picture for all types of vessels from Border Police, Landing Craft, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Large Support Ships, and Corvettes / Frigates. SCANTER Radars are renowned for assisting authorities against asymmetric threats, search-and-rescue operations, and law enforcement tasks, e.g. control of illegal immigration, smugglers, and piracy.

At Euronaval, you will have the opportunity to tab into Terma’s more than 25 years of experience protecting naval platforms from above and below water threats and providing the advanced C-Guard Decoy Launching System for effective protection against coordinated multi-threat / multi-directional attacks by missiles and torpedoes.

C-Guard relies on combat proven 130 mm NATO decoys and a proven mechanical launcher design without moving parts, guaranteeing high availability and lowest total cost of ownership. More than 150 C-Guard systems are currently in operation worldwide.