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Farnborough International Airshow 2018


Meet Terma at the Farnborough International Airshow on 16-22 July 2018 in Hall 2, stand 2440.

Advanced and proven Terma MASE Pod family gains new members

At the Farnborough International Airshow, Aerospace, Defense and Security provider Terma presents the Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment (MASE) Podfor Light Attack and Rotary-Wing platforms in a new upgraded and cost-effective version that meets the needs of operators, OEMs, and international users for today and tomorrow.


When countries approach the need for self-protection on aircraft that have already been delivered to the operating nations, adding EW equipment quickly and cost effectively often leads to external pods becoming a natural solution with the following benefits:

  • No cutting of holes in the main body for sensors, etc.
  • Flexibility of mounting and un-mounting the EW Equipment as a single unit
  • Pods are mounted with stand-off from the main body of the fuselage and therefore produce good locations to minimize sensor blind spots and ease safe separation of expendables
  • A more consistently accurate interface for Sensor Orientations

The MASE Pod is developed for installation of role-fit solutions for a wide range of platforms. The pod can be configured to house the complete sensor and countermeasures suite, and as a consequence of the modular approach and design, the MASE Pod can configure to meet the operational needs e.g. Directed IR Countermeasures (DIRCM) turret, chaff/flare dispensers (CMDS), electronics and Missile Warning System (MWS) sensors in a small, lightweight, and rigid structure.

Normally the MASE pod mounts to hard-points, installing a lightweight bespoke adapter without ejector-release unit for accurately aligned installation of the MASE pod, with a reasonable stand-off from the platform in order obtain good sensor and effector fields of coverage.

The open architecture is fully adaptable to any DIRCM, LWS, Missile Warning Sensor, as well as Terma or third party CMDS, which facilitates flexible options for stand-alone installations or as part of an Aircraft Survivability Equipment system.

By using proven structures, we ensure that cost efficiency and low risk integration is paramount. Our objective is to ensure that our customers and user community benefit from the latest technology at the lowest acquisition price, including through-life costs at a fraction of our competitors’ systems. MASE Pods are a compelling solution.

Terma has delivered 2,500+ combat-proven EW installations, including mounting structures, for 25+ aircraft types, both rotary and fixed wing. In-service installations include the CH-47, CH-147, AH-64, AS532, EH-101, NH-90 as well as P-8A, F-16, C-130s, and the IOMAX Archangel aircraft.


Raytheon and Terma sign agreement 


Raytheon Chairman and CEO Tom Kennedy and Terma President and CEO Jens Maaløe yesterday signed an agreement solidifying a shared commitment to pursuing global growth across a range of mission areas. 

Partnership opportunities include manufacturing and subcontracting, airborne and aeronautics platforms, and global maritime cooperation. The agreement builds on over 50 years of collaboration between the two companies.


Terma and BAE Systems sign F-35 Long-Term Price Agreement

Farnborough UK - Today, Terma and BAE Systems signed a long-term price agreement for the manufacture of composite skins for all three variants of the F-35. The agreement is a continuation of a long-term agreement signed in 2013 covering the manufacture of Large Composite Skins for the Horizontal and Vertical Tail on all variants of the F-35.

bae_464The agreement between BAE Systems and Terma was signed by Paul Burns, F-35 Global Procurement & Supply Chain Director at BAE Systems (left) and Jens Maaløe, President and CEO, Terma

The actual agreement includes the latest F-35 LRIP 12-14 program of record.

Terma has been collaborating with BAE Systems on the F-35 program since 2006 when the two companies signed a Letter of Intent for future partnership. In 2009, a contract was signed for the delivery of composite manufactured parts for the F-35.

Jens Maaløe, President & CEO, Terma, said: “This new signing further confirms Terma’s strong position on the F-35 program and shows how collaboration can benefit Terma, BAE Systems, and the F-35 program as a whole. Through a major investment program over the past three years, Terma today offers one of Europe’s most advanced and high-tech production facilities for the development and manufacture of composite parts for the aircraft industry.” 

Andrea Thompson, Senior Vice President - US Programmes, BAE Systems, commented: “We are delighted to sign this agreement with Terma which underpins our strong relationship and collaborative approach towards the F-35 program. Agreements such as this are a positive step towards achieving affordability targets across the program.”

In 2016, the Danish Government announced Denmark’s decision to acquire 27 F-35As as the future fighter aircraft as a replacement for the ageing F-16s.

Terma currently maintains eight different production programs within advanced composite and machined structural parts plus electronic components on the F-35. Terma has been involved in the program since 2002 when Denmark joined the F-35 program as a partner country.


Terma raises the bar within Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System

Farnborough International Airshow – Terma’s trusted and combat-proven Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System (ACMDS) is now available in a new re-engineered and upgraded version with advanced operational capabilities and increased reliability while still maintaining the highly competitive price level.

acmds_464Full jettison from Danish EH101

The following highlights the ACMDS key capabilities:

  • Form-fit compatible with legacy Terma, and third party, dispenser systems (no Group-A changes)
  • Fully in-country organic reprogrammable
  • Smart Stores Communication Interface for support of new generation of expendables
  • Improved mixed payload capability
  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Class-leading operational capabilities
  • New platform-adaptable, hardware-controlled safety features

The ACMDS is designed to coordinate, integrate, and operate expendable countermeasures payloads on fixed-wing, fighter, transport and large-body aircraft as well as rotary-wing platforms.

The ACMDS suite includes a full suite of ground support equipment as well as an application for field/in-country organic mission data generation and post-flight analysis.

The dispenser suite is controlled via Terma’s AN/ALQ-213 EW Management Unit or Defensive Aids Controller, which provides a reprogramming interface, automatic decision support for the pilot in a threat environment, built-in training capability, and full EW/ASE suite control, as desired.

The new ACMDS digital sequencer switch includes a new Smart Stores Communication Interface (SSCI), which enables in-flight pre-launch programming of smart stores, including multi-shot cartridges, expendable active decoys (EAD), and hard kill expendables.

In addition to the standard dispenser assemblies, the ACMDS components have been integrated in airborne structures as both internal, scab-on, pylon-mounted, and podded solutions.

The ACMDS is now operational on both fighter aircraft and helicopters in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

The legacy ACMDS system has been combat proven through operational service for more than 25 years with a demonstrated mean time between failure value of >18,000 hours.


Terma and MASS partner to deliver global EWLS solution 

Farnborough, UK, 16 July 2018 - Terma, a Denmark-based Aerospace, Defence & Security Group, and UK-based MASS, a Cohort plc company, have partnered to deliver a global Electronic Warfare Life cycle Support (EWLS) solution. Independently, Terma and MASS are experts in their own areas of the EW domain.  By teaming the companies’ capabilities, an “all inclusive”, EWLS solution emerges that can support any fleet. 

These services range from countermeasure development, mission data generation, flight data replay and debrief, completing the EWLS cycle and supporting the next round of countermeasure development.


Working together, Terma and MASS can provide a comprehensive and coherent EWLS solution that offers:

  • Control and exploitation of your own EW data and information, heightening and enhancing mission effectiveness
  • Cost-effective solutions that accelerate the mission support processes and reduce time taken in providing support
  • Expert advice and consultancy that support the development, maintenance, and full exploitation of your EW equipment’s capability

MASS Managing Director, Chris Stanley, commented: “This partnering reinforces our position as a market leader in the provision of Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS) services. We are delighted to be partnering with a company that reflects our own innovative approach to the challenges of the EW domain and our high quality service. Terma’s pedigree within the EW domain is reflected in its 60 year heritage and its expansive customer base.”

Senior Business Development Director at Terma, Michael Houmann Tandrup, says: “We are very pleased to announce this agreement with MASS. We are now in a position to provide our present and future customers and partners with a complete and independent Electronic Warfare Life cycle Support solution that can support any fleet, offering extended support services.”

MASS are experts in Electronic Warfare (EW) data management and have a long and distinguished history of threat vulnerability analysis and countermeasure development, supporting some of the worlds’ most experienced and demanding EW customers.  They are also recognized EW training providers delivering national and international training courses from foundation level through to MSc level.

Terma is an experienced global provider of Electronic Warfare Management Solutions. Their EW solutions enable control and integration of any combination of sensors and countermeasures systems on any type of aircraft, making these subsystems work as one integrated system.  Terma complements its equipment offerings with an EW mission management package, providing excellent and cost-effective flexibility for reconfiguration, reprogramming, tailoring, and validation of the full EW system’s capabilities.


Terma and Leonardo launch F-16 Electronic Combat Integrated Pylons System

Farnborough, UK, 16 July 2018 - Terma has partnered with electronic warfare experts Leonardo to offer a variant of its Electronic Combat Integrated Pylons System (ECIPS) with an integrated Leonardo Compact Jamming System (CJS). The new ECIPS/CJS product will be on show for the first time on both companies’ stands [Terma at Hall 2, stand 2440 and Leonardo at L1] at Farnborough Airshow, which runs during 16-20 July.

Uniquely, the new system gives an upgrade path to F-16 users who want to equip their platforms with a persistent, high-powered, modern defensive jamming capability without losing a weapons station: the ECIPS/CJS retains a full weapons carriage capability. The system provides effective protection from radar-guided threats by emitting powerful Radio Frequency (RF) signals to confuse enemy radar systems and prevent radar lock on to the host F-16.


The ECIPS/CJS, which employs Leonardo’s advanced Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) capability, can protect an F-16 against even the most modern radar-guided threats. Additionally, because of the Company’s approach to providing ‘open’ and user-programmable electronic warfare (EW) systems, the jammer can be kept up to date with a nation’s own EW threat library, maintaining sovereign capability.

Terma will offer the ECIPS/CJS as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, having worked closely with Leonardo to fully integrate the CJS. Because the new system sits within the current envelope of the certified and operational Terma ECIPS+, on a typical F-16 Mid Life Update (MLU) jet there are no additional aircraft modifications required, making ECIPS/CJS simpler and less expensive to install when compared to an onboard jamming solution or towed radar decoy. Because the new product is designed and manufactured by Terma and Leonardo in Europe, it is also readily exportable around the world.

Benefits include:

  • ECIPS/CJS provides a modern self-protection jammer solution for the F-16 within the current envelope of the certified and operational Terma F-16 ECIPS+.
  • The CJS is a Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) combined with a techniques generator, receive antennas, transmitters, and power hardware in a compact form factor.
  • The ECIPS/CJS pylon is based on a certified and operational solution for Jammer installation while still retaining the Missile Warning System configuration. 
  • The aircraft control is via the current Terma ALQ-213 EW Management System, including the Advanced Threat Display and may also include Terma’s Aircraft Audio Management System with 3D-Audio and Active Noise Reduction capabilities.
  • The ECIPS/CJS is complementary and fully compatible with Leonardo’s BriteCloud 218 expendable active decoy, to provide a further level of protection for F-16 jets.
  • The ECIPS/CJS can be installed on wing stations 3 or 7.
  • The ECIPS/CJS is designed to operate together with Terma’s PIDS+ countermeasures dispenser pylon on opposite wing stations 3 or 7.
  • SW changes are limited to implementation of a CJS driver in the ALQ-213.
  • No aircraft OFP changes required.
  • ECIPS/CJS envelope and weight is similar to current ECIPS configuration. 


Global breakthrough for Terma’s 3D-Audio/Active Noise Reduction System 

Farnborough International Airshow 2018 – Within the past six months, U.S. Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve (ANG/AFRC), the Belgian Defence, and the Royal Netherlands Air Force independently awarded Denmark-based aerospace, defense and security group Terma contracts for 3D-Audio/Active Noise Reduction systems for their fleets of F-16s.

Early 2018, U.S. Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve (ANG/AFRC) awarded Terma North America a $44.3M indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for a 3D-Audio system for their F-16 aircraft. Work will be performed at Terma’s facilities in Denmark and is expected to be completed by January 2024.

In December 2017, the Belgian Defence and the Royal Netherlands Air Force signed similar contracts with Terma for an Aircraft Audio Management System which also includes the market leading 3D-Audio and noise reduction capabilities.

These three contracts secured within a short period of time mark a true global breakthrough for Terma’s advanced audio-based communication and situational awareness solution.

The 3D-Audio and Active Noise Reduction system was initially fielded in 2009 on Royal Danish Air Force F-16s and has been combat proven. The system provides enhancement of the pilot’s situational awareness, survivability, and reduction of workload by presenting audio warnings/cues and radio messages in a full 360-degree spherical representation. This capability enables the pilot to get the dynamically updated warning tone/cue in the true direction of the threat and spatially separating radio communication for increased speech intelligibility. The system also provides Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and Electrical Noise Reduction (ENR) for reduced pilot stress and fatigue.

”We foresee an interesting future development for our 3D-Audio system as we are receiving positive indications for future programs from various potential customers.  We look forward to establishing a robust application area with a global product and services installed base,” says Michael Houmann Tandrup, Senior Business Development Director, Terma Aeronautics. 


Terma will be present at the upcoming Farnborough International Air Show

At the event, Terma will display the Multi Mission Pod and other composite parts for the F-35 Lightning II. Also, the functionality of the latest version of the Electronic Warfare Management System, AN/ALQ-213(V), including automatic threat response, Pilot decission support, Embedded Training and 3D-Audio Warning

Experience a Virtual Reality demonstration of our Airborne systems and applications. Take a seat in our Virtual F-16, Light Attack Aircraft, AH-64 Apache, C-130J or CH-47 Chinook and experience scenarios from the pilot's view.

Learn more about our “all inclusive” Electronic Warfare Lifecycle Support (EWLS) solution, that can support any fleet globally, and the MASE Pod for Light Attack and Rotary-Wing platforms in a new upgraded and cost-effective version that meets the needs of operators, OEMs, and international users.

To learn more about the event here

Image: Courtesy of Lockheed Martin Aerospace Co.