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15 November 2018 in Ahoy Rotterdam. Meet Terma at this year's Netherland Industries for Defence and Security (NIDV) symposium and exhibition.

Terma is a leading Electronic Warfare Systems integrator with close to 30 years of experience in providing combat proven survivability solutions on more than 2,500 frontline fighter, transport, and rotary-wing aircraft.

At the symposium, Terma is available to discuss topics like:


Also Terma has a long track record in the maritime domain. At NIDV Terma will present our mission-proven solutions such as:

  • C-Flex: Command & Control system for Navies and Coast Guards. At an attractive price C-Flex provide full integration of onboard systems to support decision makers to better command, plan, coordinate and solve missions with increased effectiveness. C-Flex is developed to grow with customer needs and provides out of the box capabilities.
  • SCANTER radars: Radar surveillance solutions for Air and small Surface target detection and tracking. SCANTER Radars further improve surveillance capabilities by allowing the platform to control short range Helicopter operations and landing on own vessel or remote locations.

Meet the multi-skilled Terma team at the annual NIDV to learn more about our solutions.

Read more about the event here


 Terma at NIDV 2017_464