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We are powering the digital exhibition


Meet Terma at the We are powering the digital - it's electryfing exhibition at the headquarters of the Confederation of Danish Industries in Copenhagen, Denmark from 30 May - 31 July 2018. 

We are excited to be a part of the two month exhibition "We are powering the digital" at the headquarters of the Confederation of Danish Industries in Copenhagen. 

The exhibition will show examples of how electronic solutions contributes to our life in the world today as well as how to deal with climate, environmental and health challenges. 

We will display our ASIM scale 1:3 model. 

The ASIM observatory has been installed on the International Space Station, ISS, with the objective to observe gigantic lightning and Gamma-ray flashes powered by thunderstorms – a knowledge which can be used to identify climate processes in the atmosphere and improve climate models for Earth.

Read more about ASIM here


ASIM model_464