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Management and Board of Directors - Terma North America Inc.

Terma North America has a board of U.S. directors who locally control the company together with a U.S. president & CEO. The holding company for the North American activities of Terma was incorporated in the U.S. in 2003.



Mr Steve Williams

President & CEO, Terma North America


Mr Stan Williams

Vice President, Finance, CRP


Mr Nils Greir

Vice President, Market Development


Business Development 


Mr Donny Weaver

Vice President,
Business Development, Aeronautics

T: +1 (817) 764-0439
E: donny.weaver@termana.com


Mr Chris Sheppard

Vice President,
Business Development, Aeronautics

T: +1 (703) 220-6488
E: chris.sheppard@termana.com



Bio not available

Mr Robert Fiorentini

Vice President, Supply Chain Management

T: +1 (817) 585-4871
E:  robert.fiorentini@termana.com



Bio not available

Mr Karl Oestergaard

Vice President, Technology & Innovation 

T: (478) 333-2807
E:  karl.oestergaard@termana.com


Board of Directors

Mr Tom Burbage

Chairman of the Board,
Terma North America Inc.



General Ed Eberhart

Outside Director and Chairman of the Government Security Committee


Admiral Collins

Outside Director


Larry Hungerford

Outside Director


Mr Jens Maaløe

Inside Director

President and CEO,
Terma A/S  


Mr Steen M. Lynenskjold

Inside Director

Executive Vice President & CCO,
Terma A/S


Mr Morten Halskov

Inside Director

Senior Vice President,
General Counsel, Terma A/S