About Terma North America

Terma North America is the U.S. holding company for the North American activities of Terma. Through a local presence near customers and partners Terma North America is contributing to the U.S. economy and supporting American jobs.

For more than three decades, Terma has developed a significant presence in the U.S. as provider of mission critical solutions for the aerospace, defense and security sectors - during which time the company has established a proven track record. We are known as an independent, flexible, and fast responding partner for mission customized solutions. 

Headquarter, Arlington, VA

Terma North America Inc. (TNA) facilitates the growth and development of Terma U.S. business through local presence near customers and partners. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, TNA provides interface with the Department of Defense, U.S. armed services, the U.S. Government, and prime contractors.

Terma North America strives to deliver value that is relevant - something our customer cares about - which is unique in terms of capability, quality, service or price that differentiates Terma from the rest of our market competitors.

We build on the premise that creating customer value is not just about strong engineering and manufacturing skills, it's also about being able to apply these skills in the context of our customers' needs.

Meet us at premier North American and global tradeshows, exhibits, conferences etc.


Terma A/S

T: +45 8743 6000
E: terma.hq@terma.com

Executive Management and Board of Directors
U.S. Management

David Wessing
General Manager & Chief Operating Officer, Terma North America Inc.
T: +1 478 333 2801
E: david.wessing@termana.com

North America Management