Allies in Innovation

At Terma, we build on the premise that creating customer value is not just about strong engineering and manufacturing skills. It is also about being able to apply these skills in the context of our customers' needs.


Allies in Innovation is our promise to support our customers and partners in developing advanced yet affordable solutions to today's civilian and military security challenges.

Beyond Partnerships
As a supplier of high-end niche products, technologies, and capabilities, it is important for us to work closely with our customers' and partners' organizations. We place new capabilities and capacity at our customers' disposal, while integrating seamlessly into the wider value chain.

Commercial Symbiosis
This level of collaboration requires going beyond partnership to becoming a true ally. That is why we work hard to develop a level of trust and confidence that fosters a culture of commercial symbiosis for the benefit of all parties. 

Allies in Internationality

Today, security threats are more sophisticated and global than ever before and require a response that is always one step ahead.

At Terma, we have always strived to gain a global perspective and broad international experience together with our partners. Over the years, our organizational structure has developed to include new home markets; with offices and facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Our primary target is the international markets, and 90 % of our revenue is generated outside of Denmark. 

Allies in Affordability

In the current global economic climate, the pressure to do more with less is greater than ever. Defense budgets are increasingly stretched, and security organizations are under continual review.

At Terma, we recognize that our world-class technology has no value if is not accessible to those who need it. Through intelligent standardization, innovative thinking, and effective manufacturing, we are able to offer high-quality, flexible solutions at an affordable price. Within each project, we work transparently with customers to ensure that it is fully scoped, planned, and delivered according to plans.

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