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Careers in Terma Aerostructures

Did you know that Terma is part of the world's largest industrial project and that we manufacture advanced composite and metal aerospace structures for the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter)?


Want to work with advanced aerospace structures?

In fact, Terma delivers more than 70 mission-critical parts for this fifth generation fighter.

Right now, we are looking for skilled craftsmen, specialists, and engineers to work on advanced composite structures. If you want to start a career at Terma and become part of our team, you have the opportunity now http://www.terma.com/careers/jobs/
Terma Aerostructures is a leading global supplier of advanced and unique aerospace structures for commercial and military aircraft. Since 1969, Terma Aerostructures has consistently set new standards within the aerospace industry where precision, ingenuity, and quality are paramount for the safety of human lives and equipment.