Our Culture

Ouressence _237Our essence

Our employees are the driving force of our success and our balanced workplace culture is vital for keeping employees fulfilled. 

The foundation of Terma to deliver good results is the high job satisfaction rate and employee’s motivation. The results of the employee satisfaction survey carried out in late 2018 showed an increase score in the satisfaction and motivation of our people. In addition to that, a positive increase can be traced in matters of our reputation, cooperation, loyalty and job content fields.

At the same time, we are pleased that Terma’s image amongst engineers has consolidated as we made it in the top 20 of this year's Profile list on Ingeniøren.

We have improved our leadership, career opportunities, compensation and benefits, innovation, and quality of products, according to the top and took the 16th position in the list which is a jump of 11 places compared to last year and the company’s highest ranking ever.

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Friendly and Supportive Culture that Embraces Diversity

Skn"The company's culture is not something I think about, maybe because I feel so much at home," Steen, Specialist

Becoming a diverse and inclusive workplace where everybody can thrive and flourish is our priority. Our philosophy is to treat our employees respectfully giving them the chance to combine work, leisure and family life in the most convenient way.

Our attitude towards employee’s wellbeing is attentive and we take our employee’s needs seriously. We care for our employees and react to any difficult life situations or personal crises they might encounter, allowing flexibility and accommodating a job on different terms if required.

We wish to ensure that our workforce reflects the society as a whole and we make an active effort to hire candidates from all groups of society.

Specifically, we have set goals for the number of people hired under extraordinary conditions such as reduced working hours, reduced workload, or subsidized employment to compensate for chronic illness.

Through our company policy, we established a set of activities to promote diversity overall:

  • Applying broader criteria when recruiting, focus on diverse profiles when filling positions
  • Be more visible among different talent groups through a variety of channels 
  • Engaging employees as ambassadors and key communicators of our diversity and inclusion efforts 
  • Maintain and encourage furthermore a welcoming culture
  • Include people, culture, and Terma as a place to work more in employer branding to appeal to a broader target audience.  

We have created a welcoming environment where everybody is treated well no matter your gender, age, race, religion, political views or sexual orientation and we strive to obtain a balanced gender distribution.

We utilize our differences as strengths and create an inclusive workplace where diversity of talents is highly valued.

We are Passionate People and Great Colleagues

At Terma, we are passionate team players and have many exciting projects we are proud to develop with very skilled and friendly people. We believe that coming to work should provide a great sense of doing something meaningful, create value and motivate our employees.

We can always rely on mutual help, trust, respect and support of our colleagues. Our working relations are based on knowledge dissemination and cooperation that allows us to share responsibility and help each other every day. Our talented and devoted employees are the most important asset necessary for Terma’s journey to growth.

You bring the passion and together we’ll create success!

Strong Leadership and Recognition

At Terma, we recognize and reward managers that lead through strong leadership and are valued by their subordinates. Our key to success it to raise the bar when it comes to the expected leadership behavior of our key people.


Terma operates as “One company” ensuring that management decisions and their implementation are focused and quickly executable. Our leaders know how to translate primary strategies into concrete goals and actions.

Our Leadership Role Model is an example we spread across our organization and implement strongly in our leadership teams.

The model has been established with the scope of having a strong leadership behavior on all levels with clear directions. It sets the standard for expected leadership behavior internally ensuring a global and aligned approach of management performance applicable for all career tracks.  

The Leadership behavior model strengthens our culture and makes us even more competitive. Moreover, strong leadership capabilities enable much more positive results when it comes to efficiency and employee satisfaction.