Terma Universe

Our vision is to secure people through advanced technology. This vision is guided with passion and a pursue for excellence that is permeated throughout the organization making our work exciting, challenging and enjoyable.

We Act Globally and Build Alliances

Rooted in a small country, we depend on our ability to collaborate with partners. Therefore, we build international partnerships and act globally by adhering to strong strategic alliances. Security ultimately depends on cooperating across borders and different backgrounds.

This means that our employees have the responsibility to cultivate relationships and enjoy the opportunity to work in close collaboration with our clients and suppliers in testing our products and be part of developing new solutions. 

We Define Technology with Passion

We are known for developing unique products and sustainable solutions. With global and local challenges shifting more rapidly, we have a strong focus on adapting to a changing market and exceeding customer expectations.

Our dedicated employees are passionate about their job and strive for excellence. Motivation comes from the opportunity to be creative and develop new solutions. We encourage our experts to push boundaries and make a difference, after all, not everyone gets to work on saving lives, maintain security and enable space exploration. Sometimes it is even difficult to draw a line between where work ends, and a hobby begins.

Vinnie _02"There is always a new exciting project waiting for you when one has been completed, and you have good colleagues who are always ready to help you," says Vinnie, Software Engineer

We Create World-Class Expertise

The Terma universe provides different areas to excel for talented specialists. We tackle and complete challenging tasks to bring out our world-class expertise.

We are a leading global supplier of advanced and unique aerospace structures for commercial and military aircraft. Since 1969, Terma has consistently set new standards within the aerospace industry where precision, ingenuity and quality are paramount for the safety of human lives. 

Do you want to work with want to work with advanced aerospace structures?

We Work with Integrity and Deliver our Promise

At Terma, integrity means being a responsible corporate citizen and treating all our stakeholders with utmost integrity and respect. Our employees work with respect and trust for one another, most importantly, ensuring that fairness, honesty and consistency are the key points of our business transactions and embedded in our employee’s professional lives.

We dare to speak our mind openly in an environment where each opinion is valued and listened to.  By being reliable and always keeping our promise, we conduct our business at high ethical standards making sure that our values are never compromised.

The Terma universe if full of possibilities and here, the career is not just about your job title, it is about being part of something bigger.  The Terma universe is your playground. Let’s make it safer together.

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How we work

Work with integrity

Deliver the promise

  • We respect and trust each other
  • We pull together as a team
  • We speak straight from the heart
  • We execute commitments well
  • We act responsibly
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