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C-Flex Naval C2 System

The C-Flex command & control module provides a confident situation awareness display and a range of tools for operators to command, plan, and solve the ship's missions.

Securing the Maritime Domain and the Sea Lines of Communication (SLOC) is becoming of greater importance every day as a majority of modern trade is transported by sea. The level of illegal activities from smugglers, sea-robbers, pirates, illegal immigrants, as well as fishermen are increasing and poses a threat to our modern way of life including free trade and transportation between countries and continents. Navies, coastguards and marine police worldwide are tasked with the job to ensure maritime safety & security. This involves patrolling of own territorial waters, from the littoral to the 200 NM border of the Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ), enforcing national and international laws, and conducting efficient missions for surveillance, policing, inspection, Search & Rescue, as well as humanitarian and environmental operations. 

The C-Flex command & control system is a modern, flexible solution that supports the full mission cycle for maritime domain security and surveillance by integrating the shipboard sensor and weapon systems to generate a real-time confident situational awareness display. The accuracy and effectiveness of the C-Flex system allows for the Commanding Officer to make time-critical decisions and perform actual target engagement in missions like law enforcement, Search & Rescue and peace keeping/self-protection.

The C-Flex system includes interfacing to all the C-Series modules, enabling configuration of a standard Command & Weapon Control System (CWCS) with very low risk. If desired, other sensor systems, fire control systems, missiles, and weapon system can also be integrated with C-Flex. Please enquire Terma Naval Systems for a list of previously integrated sub-systems. 

C-Series illustration

The C-Flex system interfaces ship-borne sensors, such as navigation sensors (GPS, Gyro, Log), navigation radars, surveillance radars, electronic support measure (ESM) systems, electro optical surveillance systems together with identification systems such as AIS and IFF. All sensor data is correlated and fused into system tracks with symbol and color coding for type of vessel, identification, etc. The track data is plotted on top of an ECDIS/Sea Chart together radar video from navigation radars and surveillance radars (user selectable) providing an integrated and confident situational awareness of the tactical situation.

A set of tools is available for detection and analysis of abnormal track behaviour, such as sudden change of course and speed, violation of go/no-go zones, diversion from expected sailing routes and other abnormal behavior to support and enable decision making. C-Flex interfaces the ship’s weapon system, typically via a fire control system – like C-Fire – or by target designation outputs to stand-alone weapon control systems.

The C-Flex system provides an integrated recording facility of both the tactical situation, video from Electro Optical surveillance systems and written notes – all time stamped and synchronized for documentation/evidence of mission and incidents.

The C-Flex system is operated from MultiFunction Consoles (MFC) and is scalable from a 1 console solution for a small Patrol Vessel to an extra large 24 console solution for a Frigate. For Patrol Vessels and Offshore Patrol Vessels, 1-3 Multi Function Consoles will be sufficient for solving the ship’s missions. For Amphibious vessels as well as Combatants like corvettes and frigates, the number of Multi Function Consoles is typically more dependant upon the missions to be solved.

The C-Flex system is based on using industrial grade COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) hardware as well as modern COTS software such as MS-Windows and Linux operation systems. The software provides an Open Architecture which separates the core software from the operating system and enables easy addition of further sensors and effectors, simply by adding the driver (interface) and related HMI. 

Terma's C-Flex system has been in daily operation in the Gulf of Aden since the beginning of 2009.

Confident Situational Awareness
Sensor data is collected, cleaned, analyzed and presented with clear graphical information & categorization overlaid on ECDIS/Sea Charts. In addition, raw radar video from surveillance radar and navigation radar is overlaid allowing for visual confirmation of tracks by the radar echo and to investigate echoes and plots. 

Efficient Decision Making
Automatic analysis of the tactical situation provides means for making decision on next steps in an incident or conflict, e.g. by calling violator/suspicious track on VHF radio, interception by RHIB or helicopter, reporting irregularities to national and/or international authorities, evidence collection (recording), gun engagement (for warning or for neutralization), etc.

Multi Mission Capability
Versatile operations such as surveillance, patrolling, law enforcement, interception, boarding, Search & Rescue (SAR), insertion & extraction, environmental, weapon control/self-protection are all supported by C-Flex.

Air Asset Control
Helicopter operations are made easy and safe by the integration of either the Terma SCANTER 6002 or the Terma SCANTER 4102 surveillance radars that can follow and track the helicopter until it hovers over the flight deck. Tools are provided for operators to guide helicopter landing and to direct friendly air assets (both fixed wing and rotary wing aircrafts).

Single or Multi Operators
The C-Flex is fully scalable from 1 operator MultiFunction Console suitable for small Patrol Vessels up to a system with 24 operator Multi Function Consoles for frigates and command ships, making it the ideal choice for all types of naval and coastguard vessels.

Weapon Control
Through integration of weapon systems, e.g. C-Fire, any MultiFunction Console operator will be able to track and engage a target with the shipboard gun mounts. Other weapon systems like SSM, SAM, Torpedo Systems, etc. can be integrated for control of OEM software from any of the Multi Function Consoles or to receive target designation for control from own operator console.

Network Based Operations
By selection of one of the available tactical data link systems within the C-Link Module, more vessels, shore commands and airborne units (maritime patrol aircrafts and helicopters) can share their situation displays by track exchange creating a recognized maritime picture. Also, text messages can be transmitted and received like a chat function.

Field Proven
The C-Flex system is already proven on a number of vessels ranging from small Patrol Vessels (PV) and Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) to large frigates and command ships. Most recently, it is being installed on the new Royal Thai Navy Amphibious Vessel / Landing Platform Dock (LPD). Since the beginning of 2009, the C-Flex system has been used in every day operations hunting for pirates and commanding task forces in the Gulf of Aden, where the Royal Danish Navy has deployed their ABSALON class under operations like TF150, CTF151, and NMSG1.

The Danish Flexible Support Ship "ABSALON" on patrol mission at the Gulf of Aden

C-Flex provides a full suite of command & control functionalities for supporting missions like Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) patrolling, surveillance, law enforcement, interception, interdiction and extraction, helicopter control, direction of friendly air assets, search & rescue, environmental, gun control/self defense.

  • Situation display (tracks, radar video, areas, routes, patterns overlaid on sea chart/ECDIS)
  • Sea chart server (S57/S63 compliant) (sea chart details are operator selectable)
  • Own unit management
  • Track management (correlation/fusion and de-correlation/de-fusion of tracks; automatic, semi-automatic and manually. Tracks are categorized by different symbols and colors)
  • Area management (create any kind of area, polygon or line, attached to own unit, track or lat/long position)
  • Route management (create sailing routes with numerous way points and control of width)
  • Alert management (setup alerts for violations, area entrance/crossing) 
  • Tactical navigation and guidance tools
  • Search patterns (including library of ready-made SAR patterns)
  • Message management (control of tactical data link)
  • Track monitoring (monitor a special track and alert on movements, changes, etc.)
  • Threat evaluation and weapon assignment
  • Electro Optical and gun fire control
  • Tactical recording management (recording and playback for debriefing and evidence)
  • Electro Optical/CCTV video recording management (synchronized with tactical recording)
  • Technical recording management (for maintenance and servicing)
  • Reporting management
  • System management
  • Access management
  • Training management
  • Combat system alignment management.  
C-Flex provides a full suite of command & control functionalities for supporting missions