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Satellite Control Systems

We are a leading supplier of ground system solutions to support satellite missions. We have worked with all system components and associated processes for managing, monitoring, and controlling satellites.

At the heart of a ground segment is a satellite control system – this is provided by our CCS5 product. In order to prepare for the operations, our PREP product is used, while STAT processes the data (TM, TC. etc) that is the result of the operations. Interfaces to ground stations are part of CCS5 – for SLE based interfaces, the UNIS product is needed.

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Spacecraft Control Software for single satellites, fleets and constellations

CCS5 is the spacecraft monitor and control product. A multi-user application that can support single and multiple satellite configurations. CCS5 is used for all phases of spacecraft operations, from operations preparation and launch through to routine operations: Spacecraft control system, advanced monitoring and control functions, scalable from cubesats to constellations and automated operations
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SLE Interfaces for Ground Stations

uNIS is the gateway between the Spacecraft Control System and Ground Stations, providing means for Telemetry and Telecommands transfer using the CCSDS Space Link Extension services (SLE). uNIS is also used for ground testing applications between the main test system and the TM/TC Front-end Equipment: Ground station interfaces, CCSDS SL and Provides inter-operability.
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Mission Planning Software

A tool for planning spacecraft operations with supporting utilities for visualizing the progress of the plans as they execute.
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Data Analysis Tool

Full mission performance analysis - Trend analysis, anomalies and fault detection - Numerous data export formats
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Ground Segment Products

Support & Services

Support for the Terma Ground Segment Products, including Test and Simulation, is managed through dedicated websites. Here you can find support information for each product: product releases, release notes and product downloads. For certain items, you may need to be a registered user due to license and export control restrictions.

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