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SCANTER 2001 Surface Surveillance Radar selected for Colombian Navy Frigates

The Colombian Navy has acquired the Terma SCANTER 2001 Surface Surveillance Radar for the four "Almirante Padilla" Class Frigates.

2008-01-18 Read the full story
Terma Authorized by Northrop Grumman to Begin Work on First Phase of F-35 Low Rate Initial Production

Terma has been authorized by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) to begin fabricating subassemblies for the first two F-35 production aircraft.

2007-12-06 Read the full story
Gripen — a catalyst for Danish industry

Saab is planning for extensive industrial collaboration with Danish industry in connection with an eventual Gripen deal. As a part of this, Saab has signed a significant cooperation agreement with Terma, valued to more than 10 BDKK (1,9 USD), spread over 10-15 years.

2007-12-04 Read the full story
Terma A/S — Annual Report for 2006/07

The sales for the 2006/07 fiscal year amounted to MDKK 1,005 compared to MDKK 1,001 the previous year, and with a profit before tax of MDKK 80 compared to MDKK 75 the previous year.

2007-05-22 Read the full story

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