Emergency Air Situation Display System to IAA

Terma has been awarded a contract with Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) for the delivery of an Emergency Air Situation Display System for their air traffic control centers in Dublin and Shannon.

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Crucial Terma role in Europe's Automated Transfer Vehicle, ATV

Terma has been involved in the preparations for the ATV mission in three crucial areas. The first European ATV is launched on Sunday morning, 9 March, carrying supplies for the International Space Station (ISS).

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First F-35 DART Pod Delivered on Time to Lockheed Martin by Terma

The Danish defense company Terma has delivered the first of seven Flight Test Instrumentation Pods for the F-35 Lightning II aircraft program to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Fort Worth, Texas.

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Successful test flight & F-16 MLU M5 System Integration Laboratory test of ESTER

The Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) has successfully completed the first flight tests and F-16 MLU M5 System Integration Laboratory Tests of the ESTER (Enhanced Smart Triple Ejector Rack) on an F-16.

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