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Terma at MAST Northern Coasts

Meet Terma at Mast Northern Coasts from 4-6 September 2019

2019-08-30 Read the full story
Extension of ASIM space observatory mission to be investigated

Terma will continue to support the ESA project and assist both the control room and the researchers in getting the optimal scientific benefits.

2019-08-19 Read the full story
Terma receives DI's Apprenticeship Award 2019

The company has a strong focus on educating the talented employees of tomorrow.

2019-08-13 Read the full story
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launched 12 Terma Star Trackers

The Star Trackers formed part of the six satellites for the FORMOSAT-7 joint U.S.-Taiwanese weather forecasting constellation.

2019-07-04 Read the full story

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