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Talented Terma apprentices honored

The celebration of Eastern Jutland's most talented apprentices in 2019 included a total of six talented Terma apprentices.

2019-05-16 Read the full story
Terma Awarded Maintenance Contract for 11 SCANTER Radars in India

The systems will provide continuous coverage of the entire Gulf of Kutch, India.

2019-05-15 Read the full story
C-Flex Patrol Mission System for MATV:

C-Flex PATROL System Update for RAN Multi-Role Aviation Training Vessel.

2019-05-14 Read the full story
SCANTER VTS Radars for Bangladesh Port of Mongla

Terma’s SCANTER 2202 radar was selected due to its high performance, very low footprint, and possibility of being installed outdoors.

2019-05-14 Read the full story

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