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Toronto Pearson Airport Operating New Generation SCANTER Radar from Terma

The SCANTER 5502 Solid State Surface Movement Radar is now in operation in Canada's biggest airport.

2019-03-07 Read the full story
Terma adjusts the organization

Following several years of growth and an increasingly global setup, we are forced to adjust the composition of competencies and staff level.

2019-02-26 Read the full story
Ørsted - 20 years in space

The Ørsted satellite was launched 20 years ago from Vandenberg, California.

2019-02-22 Read the full story
Terma and Scandinavian Avionics secure F-35 sustainment contract

Avionics Test Center Denmark (ATCD) formed by Terma and Scandinavian Avionics in collaboration with the U.S. will be responsible for repair and maintenance globally of avionics components.

2019-02-18 Read the full story

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