Terma presents new CSR strategy

Allies in Responsibility is the formulation of Terma’s next 3 year’s key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambitions, action points, and commitments within 6 prioritized focus areas.


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Terma North America Under Contract with Lockheed Martin on the C-130J

Lockheed Martin contracts Terma North America for hardware updates to the C-130J aircraft.

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Software from Terma steers the Solar Orbiter Mission on a complex voyage to the Sun

The European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter spacecraft is due for launch on Feb 10 2020 from Cape Canaveral. Terma contributed with several different activities supporting the mission.

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Terma displays airborne security capabilities at Singapore Airshow

Meet our team during the Singapore Airshow 2020. We welcome partners, customers, and visitors at our booth N93.

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