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ASIM on the cover of Science

Ground-breaking observations from the Danish-led ASIM mission published in the prestigious scientific magazine Science’ 10 January 2020 edition.

2019-12-11 Read the full story
ASIM reveals the world's most extreme energy discharge

Observations reveals that extremely energetic flashes of X-rays can be emitted from thunder clouds while illuminating a huge area of the lower ionosphere by UV radiation.

2019-12-11 Read the full story
Terma’s revolutionary Airborne Self-Protection EcoSystem T-OPS

We’re introducing our new configurable honeycomb EW software structure known as Terma Operational Software – T-OPS, a revolutionary Airborne Self-Protection EcoSystem.

2019-11-28 Read the full story
Close collaboration with Belgian and Dutch industry

We have a strong history of bringing in Belgian and Dutch companies in our value chain. 

2019-11-26 Read the full story

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