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35 Major Asia Pacific Airports Operate Terma Surface Movement Radars

In total, our references comprise more than 400 systems installed at international airports on all continents.

2018-11-07 Read the full story
Vessel Traffic Service Radars for Two Additional Indonesian Seaports

Terma has received orders to supply SCANTER 2202 radars and 18’ antennas for VTS operations in Port of Tarakan and Port of Panjang.

2018-11-06 Read the full story
Meet Terma at Indo Defence 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia

We display our C-Flex Command & Control System, C-Guard Naval Decoy System, and SCANTER X-band Radar Systems.

2018-11-02 Read the full story
Successful launch of BepiColombo

Teams at ESA’s mission control center have declared the critical "launch and early orbit phase" complete.

2018-10-24 Read the full story

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