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SCANTER 2001 Surface Surveillance Radar selected for Colombian Navy Frigates


The Colombian Navy has acquired the Terma SCANTER 2001 Surface Surveillance Radar for the four "Almirante Padilla" Class Frigates.

The radars will be part of a modernisation program of the vessels. Delivery will already take place in the first quarter of 2008.

The SCANTER Radar Systems are specifically designed to meet the requirements for noise and interference rejection, signal processing, electronic interfacing, signal distribution and resistance to a tough environment.

The Terma Ship Radar Sensor is operational in navies worldwide, including countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Turkey, Greece, Korea, Finland and Great Britain.

A versatile and modular concept ensures compliance with application requirements and specific customer needs. The Receiver-Transmitter (RxTx) system configuration ranges from single frequency operation to RxTx systems with Frequency Diversity.

The SCANTER Radar System complies with the justification and operational requirements onboard naval vessels to:

Provide backup to primary surveillance radar system
Assist onboard tactical task functions
Perform sea surveillance with automatic target tracking
Provide versatile interface capability for C3I (command, control, communication and information) and other onboard systems
Provide safe navigation for year-round operation

About Terma
The high-tech Denmark based Terma Group develops advanced products and systems for a wide range of civilian and defense purposes, among these command and control systems, radar systems, aircraft survivability equipment, space technology, and structural parts for aircraft. International representations are located in The Netherlands, Germany, the U.S., and Singapore.

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Director, Naval Radar Sales
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VP, Corporate Communication
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Kasper Rasmussen
Director, Communications
T: +45 8743 6091
E: kar@terma.com


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Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Communications
T: +1 (703) 412-9410
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