Successful launch of SCANTER 5000 radar series


Several international references make the introduction of Terma’s SCANTER 5000 radar series a success.

Terma’s SCANTER 5000 radar series has now been available for two years and has already proven a success with several international references. So far, more than 90 units have been ordered worldwide with approx. 50 systems installed and operational.

SCANTER 5000 radar site in Guardiola, Spain.

Based on more than 60 years of experience within radar technology, Terma has developed the next generation of Solid State based radars - the SCANTER 5000 series for Coastal Surveillance, Vessel Traffic Services and Airport Surface Movement Radar applications.

Crisp and clear radar image with tracks.

The SCANTER 5000 series replaces the SCANTER 2001 series of magnetron based radars, which has been a market leader and is today in operation in about 1600 sites worldwide.

SCANTER 5000 Transceiver

Technically, being a coherent, pulse compression radar, the SCANTER 5000 series provides utilization of Doppler enhanced processing (MTI) for improved detection of moving objects in clutter zones (sea and land). The radar images are extremely clear and crisp, easing daily operation of the radar system as well as enhancing the efficiency.

Combined with the embedded tracking facility, SCANTER Radars constitute a unique tool for optimizing and improving surface surveillance at sea and on the ground.

International references at a glance.

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