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Scholarship for research in dark matter


At UCLA, Niklas will become part of a recognized team of physicists carrying out research within dark matter. 

For the third time, the Thomas B. Thrige Foundation and Terma awarded a company scholarship to a young Dane for his studies in the U.S. This took place in connection with the Denmark-America Foundation's annual meeting on Thursday, 16 June.


Niklas Grønlund Nielsen, 24, was awarded a scholarship from Niels Jacobsen, Chairman of the Thomas B. Thrige Foundation Board.

Niklas studies physics at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. He is currently working on a combined Master’s and PhD degree at the Centre for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology. From January 2017 and six months ahead, Niklas will continue his research of "dark matter in the Universe" at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Dark matter has challenged and escaped scientific research for more than 80 years, despite the fact that it represents the majority of all matters in the universe. It all basically comes down to finding the answer to the complex but also very simple question: What does the
universe consist of? 

At UCLA, Niklas will become part of a recognized team of physicists carrying out research within dark matter led by Professor Alexander Kusenko. 

Terma also contributes to the search for dark matter in the universe via the satellite mission EUCLID, which from 2020 will be involved in the investigation of why the expansion of the universe is accelerating. One theory is that the dark part of the universe affects this
acceleration. Terma will deliver the advanced power supply for the EUCLID mission.

The Thomas B. Thrige Foundation/Terma scholarship via the Denmark-America Foundation was established in 2013. It is awarded to a student with an engineering or computer science background, preferably within the fields of systems engineering, composite technology, or electronics technology. This year’s scholarship proves that also physicists can qualify for the Scholarship.

Terma and Thomas B. Thriges Forundation wish Niklas the best of luck with his studies and research at UCLA.

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