Terma pursues new business opportunities in Australia


Terma has successfully delivered naval and surveillance systems for various Royal Australian Navy (RAN) programs.

Pacific International Maritime Exposition, Sydney – Based on a series of successful deliveries of naval and surveillance systems for various Royal Australian Navy (RAN) programs, Terma continuously pursues new business opportunities on the Australian market.

To secure this process, Terma collaborates with Jenkins Engineering Defense Systems (JEDS) on activities within sales, installation, support, and services. JEDS is trained in sustainment of Terma's SCANTER 2001, 5000, and 6000 series radars and has participated in C-Guard setting to work activities onboard the new Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyer.

Australian Navy's MV Sycamore_464Multi-Role Aviation Training Vessel entering the Harbor of Sydney with the famous Opera House designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon (photo: Damen)

Recently, a C-Flex C2 system was installed at JEDS premises, and JEDS engineers and technicians have received training. JEDS will, together with engineers from Terma, train Royal Australian Navy staff on C-Flex to facilitate helicopter operations on the new RAN Multi-role Aviation Training Vessel (MATV).

“Over the recent years, Terma has delivered a number of systems in Australia, and now we are intensifying our activities”, says Senior Vice President, Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen, and continues:

“We are proposing the SCANTER 6002 radar and C-Flex C2 system for the SEA1180 OPVs and the SCANTER 6002 radar as secondary radar and C-Guard Decoy naval self-protection systems for the SEA5000 Future Frigates.

Recent programs and deliveries
Recent activities include a successful delivery of Terma’s helicopter mission control system comprising the SCANTER 6002 Air and Surface Surveillance radar (with stabilized antenna), Identification, Friend or Foe (IFF), and the C-Flex Patrol mission system for MV Sycamore, the new Multi-Role Aviation Training Vessel for the Royal Australian Navy. The vessel is built by Damen and delivered with full capability, within budget and ahead of schedule.

Terma also secured a contract with Saab Australia for the SCANTER 6002 Air and Surface Surveillance Radar and C-Guard Decoy launchers for the new Auxiliary Oiler and Replenishment vessels being built by Navantia and a contract with Kongsberg for SCANTER 6002 radar and C-Flex Patrol C2 system for the new Damen built Antarctic Supply Research Vessel.

Besides C-Guard Decoy launchers, the Hobart-class Destroyer earlier deliveries include C-Guard systems for the Adelaide-class Guided Missile Frigates and as well as SCANTER 2001 radar Harbor and Coastal Surveillance Systems for the Port Authority of New South Wales, Port of Melbourne Corporation and Gladstone Ports Corporation as well as Airport Surface Movement Radars in a number of airports.

Terma's Naval Systems
SCANTER Surveillance Radars are state-of-the-art ideal for detecting and tracking non-cooperative small targets in extreme weather conditions. The SCANTER 6002 radar is the only radar sensor providing simultaneous small target detection and helicopter guidance.
C-Flex Patrol is Terma’s future mission system that is designed specifically to strengthen the operational capabilities of non-combatant vessels. C-Flex Patrol is derived from our proven C-Flex Naval C2 system.

C-Guard is a naval decoy launching system designed for NATO 'Seagnat' decoys and able to launch all 130 mm decoys. It is the only qualified naval decoy system offering full soft-kill protection against threats above and below the water.

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