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When every single second counts


Terma’s T.react CIP system for critical infrastructure and border protection is the ultimate control tool to manage any high-security wide area perimeter.

London Excel – Terma’s command and control System T.react CIP for critical infrastructure and border protection is the ultimate control tool to manage any high-security wide area perimeter situation. The system automatically takes over the traditional operator role of selecting cameras and tracking objects breaching security.

IFSEC 464Meet Terma at IFSEC 2017 in London Excel

At the large security exhibition IFSEC at London Excel (20-22 June 2017), Terma showcases their T.react CIP for critical infrastructure and border protection at stand no. F1725.

Simplicity is the most critical aspect when trying to achieve complete situational awareness at a time when every second can be the difference between life and death. During those critical moments, the T.react CIP operator will be able to concentrate on mitigating the threat rather than trying to control a conventional CCTV/VMS/BMS/COP system.

A crowded interface, too many distracting and unprioritized events, to many nuisance alarms and the occasional false alarm, too many video feeds of daily dullness – these are all things that contribute to systems either being turned off, being ignored, or making that one moment of action a true nightmare.
In T.react CIP, the relevant track and video data is presented to the operator automatically – allowing instant understanding and one-touch, fingertip control of the area of responsibility. The T.react CIP has been designed using Terma’s 35 years of experience in producing military, mission-critical C2 technology for situations where every single second counts. Using a stable platform as a base and then adding extreme focus on the operator and his tasks makes the system the most user-friendly and accurate intelligent command and control system to date.

The T.react CIP uses existing cutting-edge technology from Terma in two key areas – command, control and communications systems and land- and sea-based radar solutions.

Command, control, and communications systems, where Terma has more than 30 years of experience to provide state-of-the art solutions for both military and civilian mission critical purposes.

A comprehensive range of world-renowned land- and sea-based radar solutions where Terma has more than 60 years of experience detecting small objects at long range. Terma has a 85%+ share of the world’s airport surface movement radar market and a 65%+ share of the worlds coastal radar surveillance market.

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Vice President, Market Development & Strategy
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