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Minister of Finance visited Terma


Danish Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen discussed European security with Terma's Management.

Aarhus, Denmark - On Europe Day, 9 May, the Danish Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen visited Terma’s Management, who was gathered for a global seminar at Haraldskær in Vejle.

Kristian Jensen

"The EU and the European project are of paramount importance when we talk about security for the EU's 512 million citizens. It is gratifying and reassuring that we now in the European Union are in the process of deciding to launch a technology development program within the defense sector from 2021 under the European Defence Fund with a budget of 500 MEUR a year. The purpose is to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation of member states defense industries and to strengthen cross-border cooperation, "says Kristian Jensen, and continues: "It has been very inspiring to discuss these perspectives with Terma's global management team on this European festive day”.

"As a global company in the defense and security sector, we find the security political development in Europe very important", says Jens Maaløe, President & CEO of Terma A/S. "In these years, we are witnessing a worrying security development. I am completely in line with the Minister of Finance that in this perspective, there is a need for an even stronger European Union, strong transatlantic ties, and for a close European cooperation - also in the defense sector, says Jens Maaløe.

Jens Maaløe points to the European Industrial Program Ocean 2020 as a major progress in the European defense industry. Together with 42 companies from 14 countries, Terma has contributed with technology for the first real joint industrial defense program.

Europe Day is celebrated on 9 May, and it is the EU’s equivalent of a national day. The day marks the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950, named after France's Foreign Minister Robert Schuman. The declaration proposed the pooling of French and West German coal and steel industries, leading to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, the first European Community. 

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