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Terma at the People’s Political Festival 2018


Terma again participated in the People’s Political Festival on Bornholm in Denmark.

This year, Terma again participated in the People’s Political Festival on Bornholm in Denmark. Over four days, more than 100,000 participants debated eagerly at a countless number of events.

Terma’s CEO Jens Maaløe participated in a number of debate sessions.

Bornholm _464Terma's CEO Jens Maaløe (right sitting down) participated in a number of debate sessions

With Danish Minister of Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen and a few others, Jens Maaløe gave his assessment of whether Danish companies are prepared for hacker attacks and cyber threats. Jens Maaløe also took part in a debate about whether development projects and procurement procedures can strengthen the collaboration between the defense and defense industry. The other debate participants were Senior Researchers Jens Ringsmose and Henrik Breitenbach.

There was a total of 33 defense and security related events in the 2018 edition of the People’s Political Festival.

Together with the Manufacturing Industry, part of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Terma was also active all four days in an effort to ensure that more young people choose vocational training. Six companies welcomed guests in a custom-made exhibition truck. Especially younger participants showed a lot of interest in this drive, and Terma’s two apprentices Rasmus Haahr Larsen and Anders Sommer Pilgaard Mortensen together with Engineer Brian S. Hansen were busy demonstrating VR technology and answering questions.

Bornholm _464_02Terma was busy demonstrating VR technology at Bornholm

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