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We have a strong history of bringing in Belgian and Dutch companies in our value chain. 

Decoy Launching - cover

Leiden, 27 November 2019– We have a strong history of bringing in Belgian and Dutch companies in our value chain. Over the years, more than 60 Belgian suppliers have joined forces with us and contributed to our global growth in all of our business areas, ranging from aeronautics, C2 systems and mission critical solutions in space.

Even more significant is the collaboration between Terma and Dutch industry. 200+ suppliers contribute to our global activities.

Key supplier PM Aerotec

Our footprint in The Netherlands is substantial. In 2018 we included worth more than 3 MEUR from Dutch suppliers in our value chain, exporting our products and solutions all over the world.

A key supplier is PM Aerotec, who provides us with the tubes for our C-Guard Decoy Launching System, of which more than 200 systems are in service in different configurations in numerous countries including The Netherlands.

Strategic Partner Hexagon

In Belgium, Hexagon’s Luciad platform provides state-of-the-art geospatial situational awareness – something that works as a catalyst for our systems across several products.

Terma has been instrumental in bringing Luciad’s capabilities close to the Danish Defence, whereby the Danish Navy is now a Hexagon customer. In addition, since the platform’s solutions are integrated into all new Terma C-Flex Patrol systems, our international success moves in tandem with Hexagon.

Many of these suppliers are strategic partners, whose systems have given us an additional edge vis-à-vis our competitors. A strategic partner is when we give value back to the supplier – either in the form of access to our network, joint marketing, the type of feedback that represents reciprocal improvement or other forms of valuable input.

Terma at NEDS

Meet us at this year's Netherland Industries for Defence and Security (NIDV) Exhibition Defence & Security on 28 November 2019 in Ahoy Rotterdam. We look forward to presenting our Aeronautic, Space and Naval solutions at our stand no A5.0.

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The Denmark based high-tech Terma Group develops products and systems for defense and non-defense security applications; including command and control systems, radar systems, self-protection systems for aircraft, space technology, and aerostructures for the aircraft industry.


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