Medals for three Terma apprentices


Congratulations to all three with the completed apprenticeships 

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The Medal Foundation of Danish Industry and Craftsmanship in Eastern Jutland has awarded medals to 25 talented apprentices in Eastern Jutland. They were presented with their certificate of honor by Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard at a gathering in the Old Town in Aarhus on 20 October 2020.

Terma has a long tradition of educating apprentices who, based on excellent final projects and good input from colleagues and superiors, come into consideration. This is also the case this year, where three former apprentices were awarded. They are Michelle R. Jensen, Rasmus H. Larsen, and Andreas T. Mortensen. They all completed their apprenticeship as electronics technicians during the summer of 2019 with the grade 10 and 12.

A huge and well-deserved congratulations to all three with both the completed apprenticeships and the beautiful medals.


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