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Showcasing naval solutions at Surface Navy National Symposium


Meet our team during this year’s Surface Navy National Symposium in Crystal City, VA. We welcome partners, customers, and visitors at our booth #108.

SNA 2020 - cover

Crystal City, VA 13 January 2020

“We look forward to meeting customers, industry partners, officers and maritime and security experts at our booth during Surface Navy National Symposium. This event here in Crystal City enables us to showcase our key surveillance, maritime, and security technologies and products to a prestigious and recognized audience,” says Nils Greir, Vice President Market Development, Terma North America Inc.

“At the event, we will promote and showcase mission critical solutions, chosen by many armed forces around the world to effectively protect their assets on sea, land and in the air.”

At booth #108 key products and systems will be on display:

SCANTER surveillance radar

Terma is presenting state-of-the-art SCANTER radars, which are ideal for detecting and tracking non-cooperative small targets in extreme environments and adverse weather conditions. The SCANTER radar is the only radar sensor providing simultaneous small target detection and helicopter guidance. Our SCANTER portfolio includes specific solutions for naval radars, vessel traffic systems and coastal surveillance operations. More than 2,500 SCANTER radars are currently in operations worldwide.

C-Flex Combat Management System

Learn how C-Flex, our flexible, scalable and modular command and control system, strengthens the operational capabilities of maritime forces by providing situational awareness and interoperability for combat and non-combat vessels to effectively conduct a wide range of missions from Air Defense and Anti-Submarine Warfare to Maritime Patrol, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue (SAR), and Interception.

C-Guard Naval Decoy Launching System

C-Guard is an advanced naval self-defense system in service with leading navies around the world. C-Guard is capable of firing any type of 130 mm decoy to defeat all types of threats including heat-seeking, radar-guided and hybrid missile threats as well as incoming torpedoes.

We look forward to meeting you at the 32nd Surface Navy National Symposium on 14-16 January 2020 in Crystal City, VA. Meet us at booth #108.

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The Denmark based high-tech Terma Group develops products and systems for defense and non-defense security applications; including command and control systems, radar systems, self-protection systems for aircraft, space technology, and aerostructures for the aircraft industry.


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