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Allies in Responsibility is the formulation of Terma’s next 3 year’s key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambitions, action points, and commitments within 6 prioritized focus areas.


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As we constantly strive to improve our sustainability efforts, working strategically with CSR is a priority that we place at Terma’s core. Therefore, we are proud to present our new CSR strategy, Allies in Responsibility.

CSR is a priority

At Terma, we put responsibility at the very core of our business operations. It is about doing what is right every day in a complex world.

Taking part in global industry partnerships with numerous actors collaborating to deliver advanced security is extremely complex. We all have an important role to play in delivering high quality solutions. We believe that in these partnerships transparency and responsibility are key. 

“CSR contributes to our vision of securing people through advanced technology. Therefore, our new CSR strategy places people at the very center of our responsibility efforts” says Steen Michael Lynenskjold, Chairman of Terma’s CSR Board, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Taking a business-driven approach to CSR, Terma’s Executive Management and Terma’s CSR Board have throughout the year worked to develop a strategy for 2020-2023 that echoes Terma’s business strategy and provide clear measurable action points. 

The strategy is created based on key CSR topics chosen by employees and carefully prioritized by Executive Management and the CSR Board in a materiality assessment workshop, resulting in 6 specific focus areas being chosen for the strategy.

Allies in Responsibility –CSR strategy 03/20-02/23

The strategy is comprised of the following 6 focus areas:

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Diversity
  • Employee Health & Mental Wellbeing
  • Employee Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Responsible Supply Chain Management

Allies in Responsibility is at the same time a means to support the collective discourse an become a trusted partner within the sustainable development agenda. Therefore, all 6 focus areas are carefully aligned with specific UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The strategy will ensure that Terma has a solid foundation within CSR and compliance, which is structured and transparent. This way it will strengthen our identity as a company that invests in human capital and is attractive to diverse talent pools.

To learn more about Allies in Responsibility, please watch this short video or read our pixie book.

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