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Flight Dynamics System

We have worked with ESA for over 30 years in Flight Dynamics. We have used this experience to develop our own product, using modern technologies to meet the needs of current and emerging markets operators.

Computation and visualisation

The Flight Dynamics System is based on the orekit product -, with the visulization of the orbits, antenna, and ground station coverage handled by TRACK. ORBIT is currently being rolled out with completion foreseen for 2022.

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Flight Dynamics System

Orbit is a multi-mission, multi-spacecraft flight dynamics system. It is designed for automated operations scenarios, providing a wide range of mission configurations from low-earth to geostationary orbits. It is built on the Terma Flight Dynamics framework. Orbit determination - Orbit propagation - Manoeuvre planning - Command generation
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ORBIT visualization and display of spacecraft status data

Track provides accurate, real-time graphical visualisation of spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. It shows the orbit tracks and ground stations. Related data includes station visibility, AOS, LOS, Payload Field of View, Swath path. Spacecraft status is also shown and, if required, has commanding capabilities directly from the display.
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Ground Segment Products

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Support for the Terma Ground Segment Products, including Test and Simulation, is managed through dedicated websites. Here you can find support information for each product: product releases, release notes and product downloads. For certain items, you may need to be a registered user due to license and export control restrictions.

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