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Career Development

Working at Terma represents the opportunity of having a career within a unique domain.

Personal Growth

We support our employees' natural enthusiasm, motivation, and accountability.

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On the job training

Competence development takes place through cooperation to solve specific tasks across occupational groups and departments.
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Buddy/ mentor program

Actively ensures knowledge sharing among managers, key personnel and other employees in Terma.
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Terma Academy offers a wide range of organizational specific trainings to to get you equipped with skills needed to improve performance and prepare you for career advancement.

Career Paths

Our Career Paths are designed to cater for all categories of employees in order to support our professional growth and development.

The different Career Paths at Terma are based on the pillars of:

  • People Leadership 
  • Knowledge & Innovation Leadership
  • Project Leadership
  • Commercial Leadership

Based on the paths, a variety of courses and trainings are conducted to support the employee on his journey. Examples range from cultural awareness training to specialized IT and system training.

Sandbox Innovation tool is a dedicated program for innovative ideas and masterminds at Terma. All employees can submit ideas to the Sandbox, and develop the idea further via our process of Create, Collect, Validate. This way, our idea masterminds are able to set their mark on tomorrow’s business of the company.

Students & Apprentices

Dedicated supervisors invest their time to share and teach the best practices and best in class expertise.

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We have a long and proud tradition of educating apprentices within a wide range of vocational programs:

  • Data Technician - with specialization in infrastructure and programming
  • IT Supporter
  • Electronics Technician and Electronics Development Technician
  • Electronics Operator
  • Gastronomy - Cater
  • Office Administration with specialization
  • Industrial Operator
  • Industrial Technician
  • Surface Treatment
  • Plastic Technician/Plastic Engineer
  • Technical Designer
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Bachelor & Master thesis collaborations

We are keen on having students do their university projects at Terma and put their academic knowledge into a broader perspective.
F-35 - Joint Strike Fighter Lockheed Martin by Darin Russell

Lockheed Martin internship

The internship challenges students to work for a period of 5 months on the fighter jet of tomorrow, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.
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