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Customer stories

Surface Movement Radars for European airports

Terma has been contracted to supply its SCANTER 2001i Surface Movement Radar (SMR) to a number of major European Air Navigation Service Providers.

A Milestone in Terma Aerostructures' Quality Efforts

One of Terma Aerostructures’ major F-35 customers, Northrop Grumman, has given the go-ahead for Terma to conduct its own quality inspection of composite parts.

U.S. Air National Guard evaluates Terma’s 3D-Audio & Active Noise Reduction

U.S. Air National Guard conducts an Operation Utility Evaluation of Terma's 3D-Audio/Active Noise Reduction system in an ANG F-16 aircraft.

Successful launch of SCANTER 5000 radar series

Several international references make the introduction of Terma’s SCANTER 5000 radar series a success.