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Safeguard your surveillance infrastructure by navigating security and compliance challenges.


We have redefined the landscape of cybersecurity and compliance in the realm of radars by designing our SCANTER radars and accompanying software to comply with the requirements and recommendations of a spectrum of national and international cybersecurity standards and legislation, including industry standard IEC 62443.

As technology advances, so do the challenges that owners of critical surveillance infrastructure face in safeguarding their operability and sensitive data against threats and staying compliant with ever-evolving regulations. Navigating the intricate web of cyber threats while ensuring adherence to stringent industry standards is no easy feat.

Avoid attacks with Risk Mitigation

Designed to comply with IEC 62443

Continuous monitoring with preventive actions


Terma prioritizes delivering robust solutions that mitigate risks across servers, radar transceivers, and sensors. Our strategic commitment to cybersecurity is seamlessly integrated into the product development process.

Terma's SCANTER radar systems provide a comprehensive suite of features:

Ensuring secure integration into complex IT and OT infrastructures.

These features encompass X.509 certificate-based authentication, encryption of control protocols, security logs and configurable network interface management. 

Adhering to national and international cybersecurity standards, including IEC 62443.

Our SCANTER radars undergo rigorous testing - including penetration testing, during the verification and release process.

Flexible Implementation at customer SCANTER site.

Terma handled installation of software security update packages including post-installation verification ensuring fully updated operational radar sites.

Stay Cybersecure - stay ahead of evolving threats.

We offer a full suite of software security services and monitoring, including periodic updates, critical threat notifications, and quarterly incident reports as a subscription model.

Terma Radar Cybersecurity model


  • Avoid cyber-attacks and costly and critical radar down-time with successful risk mitigation based on the toughest standards in the industry.
  • Quickly engage in corrective measures when new vulnerabilities are identified to eliminate liabilities.
  • Remain fortified against emerging cyber threats to your radar site with Terma’s Cybersecurity Software Security Update subscription model.
  • Let Terma handle the installation task applying our organizational expertise to free up your internal resources.

Terma Cybersecurity Software Update model

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