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AI Engine with NATO Classification Levels

At Terma, we offer cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology for any AI system.

A Versatile, High Classification-Level AI Engine

For nearly a decade, our software engineers have offered state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for military and civil purposes.

As a leading company within the field of military-grade AI, we continuously develop systems for naval, airborne, and ground-based defense purposes. With Terma’s AI Engine, your armed forces will benefit from superior information that has been collected and refined by thousands of sensory inputs.

With Terma as your AI Partner, you get access to fielded and mission-proven AI technology that has been pretested and processed in a secure systems environment. Our solutions open the doors to a new world of intelligence — giving you the upper hand in any critical situation.

Discover Our Capabilities

Consulting — Automating the Right Tasks

Artificial Intelligence may sound like the all-encompassing technology of the future. However, the truth is that AI and machine learning can still only solve relatively simple tasks. If you choose your AI setup wisely, you will experience an extreme acceleration of your entire workflow — resulting in an ultrafast OODA-loop or accurate and speedy intelligence cycle.

Rapid Prototyping — Test Your AI Against Risky Assumptions

When building your AI models, we test every hypothesis and rapidly correct any incorrect assumptions in the code. By rapid prototyping your AI models, we can uncover the deficiencies of your AI system and ensure maximum output of the functionalities. Everything is performed in a closed, secure environment, where only you will have access to classified data.

Development — Building an AI Engine to Suit Your Needs

Whether you need to optimize your C2 system or you need your warfighters to react to a new threat, we can develop an AI-assisted system that will meet those challenges. By including and adapting existing technologies and combining them with the findings from our prototyping, we can develop a unique AI system with minimal risk of failure. Because, for our customers, failure is never an option.

System Integration — Rapid Deployment for Maximum Yield

At Terma, we seamlessly integrate all sensors and effectors from any military or civil command and control system. And our AI solutions are no exception. With decades of experience in systems integration, we will integrate any subsystem into your AI Engine. By integrating existing equipment — including legacy and third party — we ensure low implementation costs, and more importantly, that your warfighters retain preferred and best-in-class equipment.

Full In-House AI Facilities

At Terma, we have all the necessary facilities to create reliable and classified AI solutions for any need. With secure computing facilities in place, we are able to analyze, develop, and train AI models with sensitive data, building an effective AI engine that will follow your needs and commands.

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Our AI Engine and machine learning capabilities are used in a variety of solutions, including:

Sunset at airport Arne V. Petersen - Copenhagen Airport

Abnormality Detection at Airports

Maintaining full situational awareness over your airport requires the utmost diligence and vigilance. With our AI-assisted surveillance technology, your security officers can focus on what is important: decision-making and timely action.

Aerial of nuclear power plant on California coast Ron Chapple Stock

Detect All Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Military base, nuclear powerplant, palace, or wind farm — no matter the environment or building structure, our AI and machine learning surveillance capabilities will keep your security officers in full control of any incident.

20200514 Terma JIMAPS PTS 018

Artificial Intelligence Keeps Joint ISR Running

Collecting, processing, and sharing relevant information across military domains and between allied nations are no easy tasks. Only with the support of artificially intelligent systems is modern Joint ISR possible.

Forsvarsarkivet Sea Sparrow Firing From Frigate Absalon Henning Jespersen-Skree, Royal Danish Air Force

Integrated Air and Missile Defense Systems on Autopilot

Keep operators on top of the OODA-loop – not in it: Leave the tedious and trivial tasks of defense on autopilot and have officers and operators free to focus on making the right decisions in time.