Leading Independent Supplier

Terma is the leading independent European systems integrator and supplier of system solutions used for testing and validating equipment during the vital satellite integration and checkout prior to launch. These operations include thorough testing of satellite platforms and instruments.

Terma has worked with Satellite Checkout systems since the 1970's - always offering ESA state-of-the-art solutions. Today, Terma may provide checkout systems based on all ESA recognized commercial platforms, including a standardized version of SCOS-2000 - SCOS-2000 Checkout.

Recently, as a leading supplier of both Satellite Check-Out systems and Ground Systems for the European Space Agency (ESA), Terma has been the first to implement both the Checkout System and the Mission Control System for a particular mission, based on a SCOS-2000 kernel. This has resulted in more coherent processes for the Herschel, Planck, and Galileo missions and in a significantly less expensive overall solution for ESA.

Galileo (Image courtesy ESA).