Safety & Security at Terma

At Terma, we take safety and security very seriously. We have taken the necessary measures to ensure a safe environment for employees, visitors, and our surroundings.

Terma complies with all applicable statutory requirements within the areas of environment, safety, and security.

We produce and supply electronic solutions, systems, and services based on IT, as well as advanced applications for satellites, aircraft, ships, and weapon systems. Terma does not manufacture actual weapons, such as canons and missiles, or ammunition, such as grenades. Thus, the risk of explosions, fire, leakage of hazardous substances, or other accidents is minimal and not higher at Terma than at any other production facility.

Testing of our systems and solutions is typically carried out as computer simulations or by other means without any risk to the environment. When Terma's solutions are tested on board aircraft, ships, or in the field - i.e. in their operational element - the tests are completed in areas specifically approved for this purpose and, typically, far away from populated areas.

Terma's facilities are protected by a number of security measures and procedures to prevent access to unauthorized individuals.


Shawn Waters
Facility Security Officer
T: +1 (703) 412-9410