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Global Management Team and Board of Directors

Visionary leadership is the key to success. Terma values passion and integrity, and we demand nothing less from our Management and Board of Directors, who represent best practice in their respective business areas.

Executive Management

Mr Jes Munk Hansen

CEO & President  


Mr Per Thiesen

Executive Vice President & CFOO  


Mr Steen M. Lynenskjold

Executive Vice President & CCO


Global Management Team

Executive Management plus:

Mr Steve Williams

President & CEO, Terma North America


Mr Thomas Blom

Senior Vice President,
Surveillance & Mission Systems


Mr Thorbjørn Machholm

Senior Vice President,
Support & Services


Mr Carsten Jørgensen

Senior Vice President,


Mr Finn Jäger-Rasmussen

Senior Vice President,
Technology & Innovation


Mr Lars Nissen

Senior Vice President,
Electronics Manufacturing


Mr Jørgen Laursen

Senior Vice President,
Aerostructures Manufacturing


jesper b - picBio not available


Mr Jesper Bøhnke

Senior Vice President,
Supply Chain Management


Helle IversenBIO comming soon

Ms Helle Iversen Hjelmdal

Vice President, 


Mr Gert Munch-Hansen

Senior Vice President,
Global Quality Management


Mr Niels Henrik Bundsgaard

Senior Vice President,
Human Resources


Mr Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen

Senior Vice President,
Market Development


Mr Jørgen Eskildsen

Vice President,


Mr Rune Holmberg Andersen

Vice President,
Performance Management


Jean-Francois GalatryBIO comming soon

Mr Jean Francois Galatry

Senior Director,
Business Transformation & Analysis


North & Central America

Mr Nils Greir

Vice President, Market Development & Strategy,
North America Inc.



Ms Anne Mette Mosekjær Søndergaard

Vice President, 


Asia Pacific

Mr Anupam Narain Mathur

Vice President & General Manager,
Asia Pacific


RGEBIO comming soon

Middle East & North Africa

Mr Roland Gerges

Vice President & General Manager,
Middle East & North Africa

Board of Directors

  • Mr Flemming H. Tomdrup, (Chairman)
  • Mr Jørgen Huno Rasmussen (Deputy Chairman)
  • Mr Carsten Dilling
  • Ms Karen-Marie Katholm
  • Mr Bo Laursen, representative of the employees
  • Mr Martin Anders Hedegaard, representative of the employees
  • Mr Benny D. Laursen, representative of the employees