The Terma Narrative


Terma is on a growth journey, and in times of change, we need to reflect on our existence in a broader context. This is why Terma needs a corporate Narrative to describe our unique identity and compile the company's most important messages and values.

Our business complexity and international diversity is increasing year by year, which makes it even more important to have a common foundation. In this context, the Narrative will not only bring Terma employees across the organization even closer together, it will also help us to articulate who we are and thereby sharpen our brand and reputation externally.

The complete Narrative is presented below.  

The Terma Narrative:

Terma provides mission critical solutions for the defense and aerospace industry. We are guided by one overall purpose: to deliver security for countries, alliances, and individuals. Security is a means to maintaining and developing prosperity and protecting human lives and sovereignty.

We operate in a variety of areas, but security is always the key. We deliver advanced technologies to keep people safe, both in peaceful times and in times of conflict. Our systems provide security for people on land, at sea, and in the air. In space, we are engaged in reaching new frontiers and enabling people on our planet to deal with new and future challenges.

Starting our journey in 1949, Terma has deep and proud roots in Denmark. This is our center as we do business around the world.

Terma believes in international partnerships and strong strategic alliances. Rooted in a small country, we depend on our ability to reach out to partners – and create solutions together.

Terma puts emphasis on diversity, and brings passionate people together with different cultural and professional backgrounds. Security ultimately depends on cooperating across borders and different backgrounds.

Agility is crucial when you operate with innovative technology. We are known for developing unique products and sustainable solutions. With global and local challenges changing more and more rapidly, Terma has a strong focus on adapting to a changing market and exceeding customer expectations.

The Terma DNA