Quality Management

Being a supplier of mission-critical solutions, Terma maintains a strict Quality Management System in order to fully satisfy customer requirements and needs. Consequently, Terma seeks to be on the leading edge of the development within Quality Management.

Since entering the defense industry in the 1960s, Terma has built up solid insight into and experience with system requirements and expectations to business processes and workmanship. Our customers' supplier quality representatives and domestic and foreign defense officials participate very closely in project planning, milestone reviews, and Final Acceptance Tests on deliveries.

At Terma, the Global Quality Management staff provides Quality Management System maintenance, training, and internal auditing. Global Quality Management also provides the day-to-day quality assurance and monitoring of projects, project support including Configuration Management services, Non-Destructive Testing education and qualification, maintenance and calibration of measuring devices, control of sub-suppliers and takes part in continuous improvement efforts.

C-scannerLarge ultrasonic C-scanner in Terma Aerostructures, Denmark

The amount of specialized and standard measuring and test equipment is significant with thousands of tools. At the electronics manufacturing site, a selection of automated optical and x-ray test equipment is available, while the Aerostructures site has equipment for a number of non-destructive inspection methods. The Global Quality Management organization trains and supports a large number of dedicated QC inspectors at both manufacturing sites.

The Global Quality Management organization including QC inspectors and Configuration Management employs approx. 80 people.

Processes and Continuous Improvements

Terma has developed the Terma Business System (TBS), a complete on-line system shared around the globe, which provides for instant access to the user. TBS contains a process library of more than 1,000 procedures and instructions. All Terma Business Areas and Regions  are working towards TBS with shared policies and shared processes and controlled tailoring to market and business needs.

The main process structure of TBS shown below illustrates the generic operation of Terma both developing standard products controlled through Product Management stages and gates, and executing customer-specific projects controlled through our Generic Project Life Cycle Model with product development phases and milestone reviews.


Terma is dedicated to continuous improvements. Process and Product Quality Assurance is used for the work product monitoring and process maturity measure and improvement of the most important key and support processes executed. Strategic Key Performance Indicators are selected for measuring and improving process performance. Online Quality Reports show the development towards set quality objectives.


To ensure and maintain the necessary TBS knowledge and awareness, a comprehensive internal classroom and e-learning training program is run on a continuous basis. New hires receive introduction to the Quality Policy and the disciplines in a mission critical environment and hands-on training in TBS. Add-on TBS training tailored to specific employee groups is given to managers, sales staff, product developers, mechanical manufacturing operators, electronically manufacturing operators, and employees participating in tool-based root cause analysis. 

TBS training course on the Generic Project Life Cycle Model

Project Managers receive extensive training in the Project Management Institute terminology and disciplines and Terma-specific processes within project planning, estimation techniques, risk management, scope management etc. and get introduced to the tools applied. Project participants are trained in the project life cycle focusing on milestone reviews and key templates and tools.

Auditing and System Certifications

Comprehensive certifications of Terma's Quality Management System are reached through the company-wide use of TBS which ensures coherent processes, continuous improvements, and dialogue with our customers. The certifications are independent approvals of TBS, but the major benefit lies in the day-to-day results of the work with quality assurance and process improvements. In this way, Terma is ensuring our customers that TBS is kept updated to meet the latest industrial standards.

An extensive, company-wide internal audit program ensures high compliance to TBS and international requirement standards. Various audit types are used to address the variety of activities, e.g. Special Manufacturing Process Audits, Quality System Compliance Audits and Process Area Audits assessing process effectiveness and improvement. Status on audits as well as on TBS and TBS training is carefully monitored with live updates in the online quality reporting. 
All major Terma locations are certified towards AS9100 (EN 9100) rev. D addressing the unique characteristics for these industry segments and including ISO 9001:2015. Further, most Business Areas are certified towards AQAP2310, AQAP2110, and/or AQAP2210.

Terma Aeronautics carries a certification in accordance with EASA Part 21 G from the Civil Aviation Administration of Denmark and a Certificate of Accreditation Part 21 J from the Netherlands Military Aviation Authority. Further, a number of special processes like Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Bonding of Composites and Non-Destructive Testing methods like Ultrasonic C-scanning, Dye Penetrant, and Digital X-ray have customer approvals against recognized standards. Terma Aerostructures has a Nadcap Accreditation for NonDestructive Testing Ultrasonic and a Nadcap Accreditation for Composites.

The specific certificates for each business segment and region can be found through the links in the right column.


BVC presents one of Terma's many Quality Management System certificates.