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Annual Report

Please find below Terma's annual reports for the past ten years.


Annual Report 2017/18: CSR Report 2017/18:

Terma Annual Report 2017-18

Terma CSR Report 2017-18

Profile 17/18:

Terma Profile 2017-18



Profile 2016/17

Terma Profile 2016-17

Annual Report front pages 2016-17


Annual Report 2016/17 CSR Report 2016/17

Terma Annual Report 2016-17



Terma CSR Report 2016-17


Profile 2015/16
43729-Terma -Profile -Report -2016-1 Detreforsider


Annual Report 2015/16 CSR Report 2015/16
43729-Terma -Annual -Report -2016-1_185 Terma -CSR-Report -2016_links -1_185

 Previous years:

Annual Report 2014-15 Terma Annual Report 2013-14
Terma Annual Report 2012-13 Terma Annual Report 2011-12
Terma Annual Report 2010-11 Terma Annual Report 2009-10
Terma Annual Report 2008-09 Terma Annual Report 2007-08



Kasper Rasmussen
Director, Communications
T: +45 8743 6091
E: kar@terma.com