Electronics Manufacturing Services

Terma Electronics Manufacturing Services develops and produces complex electronics solutions for aircraft, satellites, and missiles. Each electronics solution is tailored to the specific needs of the customer, and we constantly strive for affordability, high quality, and on-time deliveries.

Our solutions are used in mission-critical applications such as control systems for surveillance radars, a mission control computer in an aircraft or a satellite, and systems and components securing the communication between other vital components. 

As the leading Danish company in the field, Terma provides high-level development and manufacturing capabilities within high density power supplies and high frequency products for avionics and space applications. Terma has participated in many international programs with the manufacturing of electronics for avionic and missile purposes. 

In-house processes such as vacuum/autoclave bonding, parylene coating, vacuum soldering, extensive electrical testing, and environmental stress screening are available to achieve flexible and competitive manufacturing with a short lead time.  

In addition to the hardware supply, we also perform integrated program management, configuration management, and quality management activities.

Product Airborne Electronics Airborne Electronics Terma has a long involvement in the AWACS program and has participated in several AWACS programs. Product Space Electronics Space Electronics Terma has a long history of manufacturing high quality space electronics. Product Radar Electronics Radar Electronics Terma produces a variety of high quality radar assemblies and complete radar systems. Product Industrial Co-operation International programs Decades of involvement in international defense programs has contributed to a profound expertise in the field of management, production and quality assurance.