International programs

Decades of involvement in international defense programs has contributed to a profound expertise in the field of management, production and quality assurance.


For decades, Terma has been involved in different Industrial Participation Programs. We have utilized our capabilities and competitiveness in supporting companies with offset obligations in Denmark. 

Major participating programs are F-16, NATO HAWK, AWACS, and ESSM.

Our 25.000 square-meter plant at Lystrup is a fully integrated, state-of-the art facility designed to support the research, development, manufacture, and test of a wide range of spacecraft and avionics related equipment including power electronics for satellites, electronic warfare units for fighter aircraft, and control electronics for guided missiles.

With all operations integrated and contiguous in one closed facility, Terma's electronics manufacturing facility at Lystrup offers almost every necessary system to support the complete scope of large- and small-scale spacecraft electronics equipment production.

The Electronics Manufacturing Services facility at the Lystrup plant comprises approximately 12,000 square meters of manufacturing space. 

Control electronics for missiles