Mission Support Systems

To maximize the effectiveness and readiness of integrated airborne EW systems in operation, there has been and continues to be an increasing need to expand software tools providing EW support capabilities.

Terma has consolidated many existing project-specific support capabilities into a fully integrated PC-based multi-role and multi-purpose tool set that covers all facets of EW support. To support this, Terma has developed a specific EW domain-orientated product line called T-Mission. 

(Image courtesy: Fototjenesten - flyvestation Aalborg)

box In Flight - Optimal Threat Response and Embedded Training Learn more about Terma's Electronic Combat Adaptive Processing (ECAP) and embedded training capability. box Ground Support - T-Mission The T-Mission Support Tool allows ground-based EW specialists to design the optimal responses to any given situation and use such designs as the basis for ECAP.