Support & Services for aircraft

We support our customers during the product life cycle to maximize availability, enhance product lifetime, and optimize cost of ownership.


Aircrew survivability

The Terma aircraft self-protection solutions are fielded on more than 2,500 military aircraft worldwide. Our systems help keep the aircrew safe whether it is a transportation aircraft flying humanitarian aid or a fighter jet or a helicopter supporting troops on international missions.

Terma manufactures advanced composite and metal aerostructures for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. We manufacture more than 70 mission-critical parts, including leading edges, tail skins, fuselage panels, gun pod, and air-to-ground pylons. Terma has delivered over 14,000 F-16 pylons worldwide.
Because our systems are vital for aircrew survivability during operations, we work relentlessly to provide tailored support matching your operational needs.


F-16 PIDS+Pylon-based Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions for F-16


Global support

Terma operates global repair and support facilities in Denmark (Lystrup), the Netherlands (Woensdrecht Air Force Base), the U.S. (Warner Robins and Atlanta), Dubai, and Singapore.

Spare part supply, repairs, and technical support

We know our products, and we bring all of our knowledge, processes, and facilities to work to support them. You will benefit from our extensive electronic warfare design and systems integration know-how, the right test facilities and systems, and extensive electronic production and repair capabilities.

Complete service portfolio

Terma has a complete service portfolio to support mission success.


Operational support

Our highly qualified support team is only a phone call away to provide immediate support.

Maintenance and repair services

We know that platform availability is of utmost importance. Terma offers short turnaround times and can design alternative parts or repairs.

Logistics services

Terma provides logistics services ranging from a single part to complete spare parts programs.

Test services

Terma develops independent test systems, test program sets, and has a variety of environmental test facilities.

Reliability management

Terma’s vast experience and decades of fielded products provide us with a wealth of data to support you with  data analysis and developing (big) data platforms.

Obsolescence management

Terma can provide obsolescence management support by reporting activities as well as developing alternative solutions to ensure product life cycle requirements.


Terma can provide on-site specialists to support you with specialized know-how, such as our systems engineering specialists, for systems troubleshooting or technical requirements based on your operational needs.


Terma can provide your organization with electronic warfare competences, either generic or product specific.


Terma always provides  the right documentation to support your operation.