Artificial Intelligence and data-driven solutions

Decision making in complex environment


Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly important as it generates actionable results from large amount of data helping companies to make better and more effective decisions that will benefit the mission.

AI enables scalable automatization of tasks that typically requires human interpretation. It is driven by Machine Learning, which in turn is closely coupled to data. To truly benefit from AI, an organization must therefore become ‘data-oriented’, meaning that the lifecycle of data must define systems, rather than fixed capabilities.

Terma is a leading company in the field of Military AI. For more than 7 years we have been using Artificial Intelligence technology in some of our defense and security products and solutions.

Some C2 examples where AI plays a key role in creating real value to missions:

Target Detection
Detect specific targets in imagery, identify vehicles, troops, installations.

Automated large area surveillance and ISR
Automate intelligence analysis for direct sensor-to-C4I integration.

Detection of abnormal behavior in maritime traffic
Provide ongoing surveillance of maritime traffic to detect abnormal behaviors such as dumping or distress.

Automated mission planning and C2 for fast reaction to advanced threats
Automate parts of the OODA loop to improve reaction time.

Detection of actions
Detect hostile or suspicious actions on data, such as loitering, aggression or left packages.

Radar signature identification
Machine Learning for radar signature discrimination. Deployment of signature detection on radar warning systems.

Drone detection
Detect small weaponized drones with machine learning and sensor fusion

Cyber-C2 integration for multi-domain situational awareness
Detect and react activities across cyber and physical domains to counter multi-domain threats.
AI facilitates all this, but with humans making the decisions in the end.

Terma AI

We help organizations collect data from various sources, combine it and make it real time accessible to support decisions and ensuring that the right actions are taken at the right time.

We have a strong data science team continuously looking into the possibilities of capitalizing on AI in our products and services.

Furthermore, we are offering:

  • Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Systems integration

To support you further, we also offer in-house high-performance compute facilities for classified AI and M&S and in-house compute clusters for classified machine learning up to NATO SECRET.

How we work

For AI projects we focus on three stages:

1 Discover / opportunities

Discover new AI business models

Discover strategic AI functionality for our existing products and services

Focus on solving the unsolvable problems

Apply a portfolio approach to AI projects 

2 Create / proof of concept

Rapidly test the riskiest assumptions

Adapt existing technologies to fit our industry needs

Ensure business collaboration throughout the process

3 Operate / Provide scalable value

Enable rapid deployment through standardized platforms

Ensure reusability




AI Engine

Deploying AI requires the ability to continuously update and refine the underlying AI models, as new data becomes available.

Terma AI Engine is an AI Platform that enables AI work in high security, mission critical locations. It is available as a customer solution for mission critical machine learning in the military enterprise and can be deployed in whole or in parts to end users in mission critical environments.

Combined with our in-house secure compute facilities we can analyze, develop and train AI models on sensitive customer data.

AI Engine screen shot cover